5 Healthy Snacks The Experts Eat


Looking for snacks that are convenient, healthy and taste great? When we're looking for healthy inspiration we turn to the experts! So we sourced 5 snack ideas from the health experts themselves to give you some deliciously nourishing ideas! 

1. Jon Gabriel - Raw Chocolate 

Weight Loss Expert and creator of The Gabriel Method, Jon Gabriel enjoys a raw chocolate treat as a snack! Simply combining raw cacao, cocoa butter, a natural sweetener such as coconut sugar, and your choice of add ins for example, nuts, seeds, spices, goji berries, and coconut. Click here to see Jon create his favorite combination. 

2. Kris Carr - Nutrient-packed Trail Mix 

Kris Carr is a New York Times Best Selling Author, Wellness Activist and Cancer Thriver using raw vegan foods to nourish her body to wellness. What’s one of her go-to snacks? A trail mix! Perfect for travelling, to keep in your bag, or simply to throw together when you’re feeling peckish. Simply combine your favorite nuts and seeds with various add-ins like sulphur-free dried fruits, coconut flakes or a little high quality dark chocolate! Kris loves brazil nuts, walnuts, cashews, goji berries, dried mulberries and cacao. See her recipe here!

3. Jason Vale - Midday Melon Juice 

It’s no surprise the Juice Master himself, Jason Vale would love a juice for a delicious pick me up! The combination of hydration and easy to absorb vitamins and minerals makes for a nutrient-rich snack, any time of day! Just juice your favorite fruit with plenty of vegetables or try this Midday Melon Juice from Jason’s Juice Master recipe collection!

4. David Wolfe - Cacao Smoothie

Superfood expert David Wolfe is passionate about raw cacao! One of his go-to meals to keep him going? A cacao smoothie of course! The benefits of raw cacao are amazing! It’s mood-boosting, energizing, and extremely high in antioxidants. Just add a tablespoon or two to your favorite milk, add some leafy greens, a banana, some avocado, and a teaspoon of nut butter and you’ve got a creamy, dreamy cacao drink! Try David's Chocolate Magic Smoothie!  

5. Vani Hari (Food Babe) - Energy Bars

Vani Hari, aka Food Babe investigates and shares information about what is really hiding in the American food supply. Not your average energy bar, these wholefood, homemade energy bars are loaded with energizing goodness, containing none of the usual toxic, artificial and highly processed ingredients of regular energy bars. Choose your own combination of nuts, seeds, fresh dates, oats or buckwheat groats, and coconut oil or make Vani’s here!

What are your healthy go-to snacks?