6 Incredible Benefits of Broth


If you follow wellness trends, or even simply shop in the healthfoods section, you couldn’t have missed all the attention that broth has been getting lately. It’s been a long time since broth was used as just the base of an easy stock. We’ve definitely evolved, and it’s now rightly deserving of it’s place as a kitchen staple (try out our recipe here). Part-soup, part-tea, and sometimes vegan, this versatile base offers an impressive nutrient hit. Here are 6 incredible benefits of broth.

1. Broth has Anti-Aging Benefits

Broth, and bone broth especially, may just be the anti-aging secret beauty companies don’t want us to know about. The unique makeup of amino acids and minerals directly supports the skin to stay vibrant, supple, and youthful for years to come. Think collagen, gelatine, vitamin c, healthy fats… All those skin-nourishing foods can be found in a single cup of broth.

2. Source of Essential Nutrients

Especially those hard-to-find amino acids involved in the production of collagen. Broth often contains rich sources of glutamine, which can be a key ingredient in healing issues in the digestive tract, as well as repairing various sites of inflammation or damage in the body. Broth is also a rich, concentrated source of iron - one of the world’s leading deficiencies.

3. May Support Weight Loss

A little-known fact is that collagen has been shown to support the body with weight loss. Supplementing collagen alongside resistance training improves lean muscle mass and improves fat loss. But it doesn’t end here. Because broth is a nutrient-dense, low-calorie option, it’s a great alternative to those looking to enter a caloric deficit to support their weight loss journey.

4. Supports Digestion & Gut Health

One of the most abundant proteins in a typical bone broth is gelatine, which is essential for healthy digestion. When it enters the digestive tract, this protein combines with water to help transit foods through the system. Alongside the other nutrients found in broth, it is also believed to support against inflammatory bowel disease. Glutamine, which is also found in bone broth, has been shown to support and strengthen damaged cells in the gut.

5. Encourages Joint Health

It’s often said that you are what you eat, and this rings true for broth. One of the most highly praised health benefits of broth is the ability to support and repair our joints. This is again due to the high levels of collagen found in a single-serve. Collagen is used by the body to repair cartilage and tissue, as well as being used similarly in injury prevention.

6. Shown To Support Immune Cells

Remember broth’s incredible role in supporting the digestive system? Well this has an important crossover. The small intestine, which absorbs all the nutrients from foods, is the first line of defense for the immune system. Studies have shown that the amino acids found in bone broth especially provide a protective barrier, preventing the development of conditions such as leaky gut, or weakening an already volatile immune system.

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