April Film Club - What Is Real


What Is Real?

Being present and grateful in every moment of our lives takes practice.

This month, on FMTV, we have released the inspiring new film “What Is Real”. This film follows the personal journey of Jay Mac as he embarks on a personal journey to liberate his body, mind and soul from the human condition we call ignorance, egotism, attachment to pleasure, hatred and fear of death.

The motif for this film stemmed from Jay’s experiences of personal suffering, anxiety, displacement and depression.

In the quest to find ‘What Is Real’, Jay follows the real-life story for two visionaries, Sharon Gannon and David Life (the founders of the Jivamukti yoga practice). From visiting the birthplace of the practice, follow along as you witness the historical steps of how the Jivamukti movement became a worldwide phenomenon.

While the film highlights the Jivamukti practice, the main focus is on yoga, meditation, self-love, world-love, compassion, humanity and everything in between.

From the tales of Jay’s personal journey, yoga history, expert interviews and teachings, discover how you can answer the question of ‘What Is Real’ for yourself. You may be surprised to know that you already hold the answers within.

Watch “What Is Real” on FMTV today to hear the moving story that changed one man’s life. It could change yours, too!

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