The Best Holistic Health Advice from Our Moms


I’m not sure about you, but almost everything I know, I was lucky enough to learn from my mom. And I was even luckier to grow up with a mom who was always there to give me advice, to point me in the right direction, and just to listen. Even now in my late twenties, living overseas, she’s only ever a phone call away for anything. From relationship advice to suggestions for what I should cook for dinner; she even points me in the right direction when I’m sick and can’t fend for myself. And I think I was the luckiest of all to grow up with a mother who embraced holistic health, the whole mind-body-spirit trifecta, and when I asked around the Food Matters office it turns out that many others did too. Here’s a snippet of those invaluable lessons that have stuck with our team since day one.

Trust In The Universe

“My mumma bear always tells me; ‘Right reason. Right time. Right order.’ It’s an ode to trusting the process, to recognizing that everything is happening exactly the way it is meant to, and it’s an exercise in stressing less and truly expressing gratitude. I take it into every area of my life.”

~ Rachel Morrow, Content Creator & Recipe Developer

Rest, Rest, Rest

“Sleep. My mom has always told me to rest when you need to. Your body is tired for a reason. Listen to it and honor that, then the body can heal in whatever way it needs to.”

~ Tessa Vale, VP Marketing

Getting Out In Nature

“There is nothing more rewarding than getting your hands dirty! Helping others and in nature."

"I’m quite sure she was referring to doing the dishes and tidying my room, but helping in the garden but sounds nice and grounded. And we know this is important for your overall wellbeing.”

~ Nadine Brown, Head of Community

Hydration Is Paramount

“I was always told to drink plenty of water. Of course as a kid you would always rather a juice or a soda, but mom made sure I was always drinking my water. Now working in the health and wellness space I can truly see how valuable this is; water is needed for everything, from healthy skin to nutrient absorption. It’s the piece of advice I always preach! Oh, and don’t chew your nails.”

~ Mikaela Bella, Marketing & Affiliate Coordinator

Practice Resilience

“My mom always always always said when I asked her how she got so good at something, ‘years of practice’. I’ve taken this to mean if at first you don’t succeed, try again. Don’t let life knock you down. Grow strong from the inside out and then you can be truly unstoppable. And I apply that to everything.”

~ Chloe Hutchison, Videographer & Editor

Be Conscious Of The Foods You Eat

“I grew up on a farm, in a long line of farming families. So when my mum went vegetarian when I was 5, it didn’t really make much sense to anyone. Especially me, who loved chicken nuggets and crumbed veal schnitzels. But mom is one to lead by example, and after a decade of seeing the value of reducing my meat, I finally managed to go fully vegan. She raised me to be truly empathetic of the world around me, animals included, so that was my primary reason."

"Our dietary philosophy isn’t so hard-line, but has always been ‘know where your foods come from, and know that the animals and the environment were treated fairly in the process’. It’s a value I still hold so dear to me, and it’s something I’m considerate of, whatever food I’m buying."

"She also practiced daily sun salutations, so a regular yoga and mindfulness practice has been part of my life. And natural remedies first for any headaches, bumps, or bruises!”

~ Tess Patrick, Staff Writer

Can you remember the best piece of health or life advice your mother ever gave you? Let us know in the comments below...

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