Can Dogs Smell Cancer? (Short Mind-Opening Video)


Dogs have an amazing intuition and and instinctual connection to their owners; they learn to read you, feel your emotions and become very familiar with your smell. With a heightened sense of smell, these animals are proving to be more than a man’s best friend by sensing disease through their senses.

I think there is a lot about dogs that is yet to be discovered, perhaps some of these discoveries can inspire us, as humans, to become more intuitive with our senses. It is suggested that we, too, can sense these types of cues but often we are too busy paying attention to noisier stimuli.

In this short feature film from BBC, you'll see how dogs can actually smell cancer and pick up on diseases that even medical tests aren't showing!

Here’s to becoming more present and observing the world the way animals do!

In good health,



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