You may have heard Chris Wark's name recently, as he was one of our featured guests during the 10 Day Sleep & Stress Event and got voted the #1 interview of the event!

He was diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer in 2003 at the age of 26; a rude and shocking wake-up call for his life.  The story of his triumph is absolutely amazing! 

The statistics on cancer are pretty scary. Over 4,600 people are diagnosed with cancer every single day in the U.S. Think about that. That’s nearly 3 people every minute. And over 1.6 million people a year.

Almost 14 years ago, Chris was diagnosed with Stage IIIc colon cancer. He was devastated, confused and afraid, just like everyone else who gets this news. But what Chris chose to do about it was incredible.

Watch this interview below to listen to his story and what he chose to do about his cancer diagnosis: 


No matter how you’ve been affected by cancer - whether it’s impacted you directly or you’ve seen it affect your friends or loved ones - the information Chris is going to share with you is incredible.

This is one of the most powerful stories I’ve ever come across, and the generous gift that Chris wants to share with you, and invite you to join, is a true testament to the incredible work he’s doing in the world. Check out his event here.