Coronavirus Calls For A New Kind Of Normal

Laurentine ten Bosch LAURENTINE TEN BOSCH

I think we are all having a hard time adapting to change at the moment… We are looking at the news, looking to our leaders, our governments, even Instagram influencers wondering, where to next? What does this all mean? Who’s behind this all and who do we believe?

This virus doesn’t discriminate, you see, it’s affecting the strong and the weak, the wealthy and the poor, some of the young and more so the old… From Americans to Europeans, from Chinese to Africans, this virus doesn’t take sides and for once, money can’t bail us out. And all of this is making us all very uncomfortable...

But however uncomfortable it may feel, it is also giving us hope that we have all been dealt the same cards and that we are all in this together. Together against a common enemy and somehow this is all making us feel more unified.

But just as we have a little glimpse of hope of being united, it is followed by a whole lot of pointing the finger. Politicians, leaders, parents, loved ones - we are all doing it! Unfortunately, those that are pointing fingers have completely missed the point of what this virus is here to teach us.

Because what’s at play here? What are the greater lessons that are to be learned here at this time of flux? 

One thing that we know is that there will be an end to all of this. To help calm us in the moment, we just have to remember that “this too shall pass”! This is a very important statement that we can all turn to in times of struggle, when we’ve really had enough…  In our fifth week of cooking dinner alone or on our sixth week of trying to find activities for our kids at home to do while we don’t have a garden… “this too shall pass”. Keep it as your little mantra, your turn to phrase for your partner. This has been a concept we were learning about just recently during my 21-day meditation challenge with Deepak Chopra and it helps me to cope.

We don’t yet know when but we must remember this fear, this worry, and this virus will eventually disappear. Looking at the planetary alignment, confirmed by my astrological informants, we are right now living in a very particular time in the history of our humanity where this planetary alignment is actually predicting calamity. Where life on earth is in chaos and so it seems… however, things will begin to settle down in a couple of months, and things will go back to normal.

But it will be a new normal. Hopefully, we’ve all realized that we can’t go back to the old ways. They were not working so we need to adjust and relook at our values. Yes, our values need to change! This pandemic is telling us that it’s time for a global reset on values.

We need to start realizing that life is precious, that we matter. This is the time that we need to go with-in an ask ourselves, what is truly important to us? What is truly important to you? Write it down now on a piece of paper and fold it up so you can keep it in your wallet, so when this all goes back to a new kind of normal, you won’t forget it! 

Who’s important to you? Who do you talk to more often? Is it your mum, your dad... Are you becoming more intimate with your partner? Have you appreciated the connection with your kids at home? Have you enjoyed having your time to yourself to be able to read, meditate? Have you enjoyed cooking, sorting out the pantry cupboards? 

This is you and this truly living. This is living in the present moment, and how does that feel?

It’s time for us to reflect on what is truly important to us and also what is no longer serving us. It is a time of purging. Be really honest with yourself and ask what have you been happy to live without? Your job? Your co-workers? Who do you work for and who do you really work for? Are they doing good, and is it in alignment with your values? 

What are you truly grateful for? If you can’t come up with these answers now then it is time to spend time with ourselves; in meditation, in reflection, and going within. It’s like a plant medicine journey, ask yourself, what am I going to do differently when all of this settles down? What am I no longer going to put up with and what am I going to do more of? Write it down now so you remember.

Because one day when life goes back to this new kind of normal we will all miss those quiet times when we didn’t have an agenda, where all our plans were wiped, and we got to sit quietly with our loved ones, or ourselves. The time with no obligation, just enjoying the peace of a home-cooked meal, gardening without anyone calling you, reminding you to pick up the kids from school, or telling you to finish that project!

Because the scary thing is - and you don’t need to take my word for it - but deep down we’ve all manifested this. Not this virus of course, but the situation you are in right now. And that might be uncomfortable to hear but consider it? You can’t tell me you haven’t told yourself over and over “this is all too much for me”, “I wish I could stay at home”, or “I need a break”.

This break is here to give us time, like a retreat from the world, to reflect on our actions as individuals and as a group. 

As a species, we have thought we were superior but this invisible virus is teaching us we are not in control, that we are fragile. We thought that we were on the top of the food chain and we could recklessly mess around with the balance on Mother Earth, but we are realizing we are all interconnected.

If we knew that we were fragile and that the earth was fragile we would tread more carefully. We would live in true partnership with each other and other animals on this planet. We would live in humility, we would not endanger one group for the benefit of the other, we would see that we need each other in different ways, and we would not take more than we need...

So now we can’t go back to our old ways, we need a new paradigm. A new, more connected way of thinking and being, a closer connection with our earth and the beings that live upon it. And this has been something James and I have been thinking about and working on for quite a while now. Much of which features in our latest series Transcendence 2 which will be out soon. An of ode to oneness and connection.

So if we are in a great awakening... Who will you show up as?

We are the people, now is the time!

xo Laurentine

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