Enjoying Fresh, Local Foods to Transform Old Habits


Wellness knowledge is a good thing to have - if you’re putting it into practice. In this interview series, we get up close and personal with our FMTV members; finding out their insider wellness hacks and hearing the advice that has resonated with them. Kate is a South Australian native who loves fresh, homemade, cold-pressed juices and waking up with the birds. 

How do you like to start your day? 

Kate: I have a cup of cold-pressed juice (I have the same juicer from FMTV). I add liquid Magnesium and this week I’m trying for the first time The Healthy Chef antioxidant power in it also. Then I have one date, one black coffee, and one apple in slices.

What are your top 3 healthy non-negotiables?

Kate: Fresh over-processed, local not international when you can, and healthy skin care and daily care products only.

What is the one healthy habit that has changed your life?

Kate: Relaxing and forgiving myself for wanting something from my past childhood. Eat it, enjoy it and move on. 

What’s your go-to, nourishing meal when you’re low on time?

Kate: A smoothie or roast veggies with a homemade sauce.

Where do you call home?

Kate: Kensington Park, South Australia.

How long have you been apart of the Food Matters community? 

Kate: I've only just signed up $1 for 30 days, but I’ve been on the newsletter since it started.

What’s your motivation to be healthy? 

Kate: My family and feeling good in myself.

How would you describe your eating style?

Kate: Veggies first, home-cooked, and happy to eat out and enjoy life but also coming home to my own cooking.

Would you describe your community as health-conscious? 

Kate: No, I married a very unhealthy eater and I am hoping that he will want to make the changes for himself… Five years and still waiting - I have hope…

How do you stay motivated to stay healthy? 

Kate: When my clothes get a bit tight I know its time to go inwards, drop off the old bad habits, and get back to what I know works for me.

What is your go-to breakfast?

Kate: Coffee and an apple.

What is your favorite film on FMTV? 

Kate: Emotions.

Do you supplement?

Kate: Magnesium.

What’s your biggest takeaway after joining FMTV? 

Kate: Lots of people working together to help you find what works for you.

What is your favorite dinner that’s on the menu most weeks?

Kate: Roast veggies, and I do tend to have a larger lunch and a smaller dinner. I've tried for the past few months to be vegetarian at dinner time always - it feels much better. 

What is your weekly food budget?

Kate: No budget, I get what I want. 

What’s your favorite piece of content on Gaia?

Kate: I love Tara Stiles. So far I’ve not done any other yoga from Gaia.

Are you a meal prepper? Or do you cook daily? 

Kate: I make cold press juice weekly and meals daily, or dinner with leftovers for lunch.

What are your weekly staples in your grocery cart? 

Kate: Kale, green apples, sweet potatoes, salad greens, ginger, garlic, and onions.

Do you have a trade secret healthy eating hack?

Kate: Eat a small dinner and wake up with the birds.

What’s your daily non-negotiable? Meditation? 1L of water straight up in the morning… 

Kate: Body brushing, then oil massage, then shower.

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