Fertility Boosting Yoga Class (Free)


This Pregnancy Yoga Series has just launched on Food Matters TV! This yoga series is for every stage of pregnancy - 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimesters - with the aim of nourishing, revitalizing and preparing the body for birth. The practice emphasizes the connection between mother and baby, using breath awareness to tune-in, listen and cultivate a deeper connection with our bodies. With a daily practice, we create space for both mother and baby to journey beautifully together through pregnancy, birth and into motherhood.

I had been teaching yoga for 10 years when I got pregnant and it amazed me how pregnancy yoga brought a whole new level of mind-body yoking. I was so grateful for this Moving Energy Yoga practice. It helped my body feel healthy, strong and energized throughout my pregnancy and it prepared both my body and mind for the incredible birth experience I had with my daughter.

I was in awe of how this yoga practice prepared my body so beautifully for birth and how quickly It helped me bounce back after the birth. We will never know how our birth story will go, but as mothers, we can choose to give our babies the healthiest home to grow in and prepare our bodies for the best possible birth experience. Practicing gentle Moving Energy Yoga will help keep the vital energy moving vibrantly through the body for optimum well-being, while also cultivating calm and confidence.


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