Food As Medicine (August Film Club)



Millions of people across the world are suffering from chronic illness, with little relief from modern medication.

Fortunately, there is a solution! However, the question remains as to why there is still no long-standing tradition of appreciating nutrition as therapy?

‘Food As Medicine’ follows the stories of everyday Americans affected by chronic disease, the impact of the illness on their life, and how they cope with the disease. After taking a deep look into the lives of these individuals, the frustration is clear. Their disease is taking over their lives and the modern medications prescribed by doctors aren’t providing the help they need.

"The quality of our diets is declining; 1 in 5 people have chronic or autoimmune disease.”- Food As Medicine 

For these sufferers, all they are craving is to be their healthy self again. Unfortunately for these people, they are struggling to find the answers in conventional medicine.

The latest film club to hit FMTV, ‘Food As Medicine’, looks at the epidemic of people receiving a diagnosis. It also explores how we can use the power of nutrition to take hold of and reverse these progressive diseases.

Researchers, wellness advocates, and dietitians have been advocating for nutrition therapy for years, so the question is: “Why are we so resistant?”.

According to this film, part of the problem may be that many physicians ignore the root causes of disease. All too often, prescription medications simply treat symptoms.  Diagnosed patients can struggle to find support or access education. But thankfully, people are now finding hope as nutrition is increasingly used as a disease management tool.

“Nutrient dense diets filled with vegetables, and the removal of toxins can reduce symptoms and reduce the need for medications.”
               - Food As Medicine.

As our diet has changed over time, our bodies are no longer as disease resistant as they once were. Today, it’s more common for our bodies to suffer inflammation and chronic illness.

This film will give you the knowledge to change your life and improve your health. Tips include information on accessing healthy foods, improving taste, gathering inspiration, finding support, feeling comfortable in the kitchen and building healthy relationships with foods.

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