Free Yourself From Depression, Anxiety and ADHD


Have you ever felt let down by a medical prognosis, or frustrated by a lack of suitable treatment options? We often hear from people with chronic anxiety, depression and other mood disorders who are in this position. They are offered little hope for recovery and aren't sure where to turn to.

FMTV has just released an exclusive interview series with Naturopath and Nutritionist Jodi Chapman, focusing on freeing yourself and your mind from the clutch of depression, anxiety and ADHD. In this 7 part presentation Jodi focuses in on the connection between the overall health of your gut and how this can affect your brain chemical balance. 

The presentation will take you through the steps to taking control of your mental health beginning with the removal of irritants within your life that give rise to allergies and exacerbate your mood. Jodi teaches you how you can listen to the biofeedback your body provides and distinguish which preservatives, over-processed foods, or toxins are causing your body distress.

The simple process of cleansing and supplementing your diet with the 'good stuff' will replenish your body's deficiencies, aid in the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, and help build the brain chemicals that will enhance your overall mood.

Along with dietary amendments, Jodi will also explore the concept of stress and hormones, and how all the steps are intertwined. You’ll discover that when a certain component is out of line, your entire body can become out of whack!

Focusing on self-healing, Jodi encourages a personal journey to recovery, using the signals your body is giving you and allowing for your own flow in life.


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