How Ayurveda Can Help You Heal


The word is out about Ayurveda!  And like yoga and meditation, it’s fast becoming the darling of the health and wellness world.  I’ve waited years to hear what students, friends and even random strangers are now telling me every week… “it really speaks to me”, “it’s so simple”, “it just makes sense”. But the most beautiful part about this ancient wisdom stepping into our lives and consciousness is the fact that it’s been here… all along, just waiting for us to catch up.

But why now?

Why Ayurveda’s time has come…again

Perhaps it’s because the chronic disease is on the rise.  Issues like cancer, obesity, arthritis, diabetes and heart disease (the number one cause of death worldwide) are ridiculously common, incredibly costly and ultimately… preventable.

We’ve been asleep at the wheel.  Lulled by the promise of a pill that does everything, a diet that serves everyone, a 21-day detox to erase bad habits or a technologically designed future where illness is a thing of the past. What we’re seeing, hearing about, paying for and living with are the consequences of this “dream” life.

But we’re slowly waking up to the reality that it’s time to get real about getting well. We’re working out that it’s time to shift our focus from managing our fires to avoiding them altogether.

And with that as a backdrop, it makes sense that ancient approaches like Ayurveda are making a comeback.  Because Ayurveda has been doing prevention for centuries, and it’s gotten pretty good at it.

What Ayurveda has to offer…

Ayurveda has been around for more than 5000 years.  It acknowledges that authentic wellness (the kind that lasts) is the result of living in alignment with our own natural rhythms and the rhythms of the natural world around us.  It’s an approach to health and healing that’s based on a few simple, but powerful principles:

We are all completely unique - Who would you be if you could let go of the need (or ability) to compare yourself to your friends, family members or the folks you follow on social media? Ayurveda reminds us that what shapes our wellness and experience of living is more than just our DNA. We are made of the same stuff, but each of us is held together by experiences, environments and a true nature that is all our own.  Which means each one of us has a responsibility to discover our unique formula for thriving.

We’re more than just a body -  You are more than just a sack of muscles, bones, and organs.  So it follows that there's more to be happy and healthy than how you eat and exercise.  And whether you define that “more” as spirit, soul, energy or something else, tapping into it illuminates the connections between what you do, think, and eat and how you move, look, feel and relate to the world around you. Everything is connected and ALL are your tools for being your highest and best.

We change as the world around us changes - Everything that goes on outside of us, goes on inside as well. Your mind and body experience daily and seasonal changes just like everything in the environment around you. In practical terms, this means that who you were when you hopped out of bed this morning is slightly different to who you are now (and who you'll be later). Knowing this gives you a foundation for stepping away from your patterns and making the healthiest choices in the moment.

Let me introduce you to your secret superpower...

Living by these simple principles invites you to pay more attention to your experience of yourself and your world. It also empowers you to discover how your weather, schedule, home environment, food, movement, thoughts, and true nature, inform your choices and your ability to achieve what feels like authentic wellbeing.

And so more than an ancient diet or “sister” to yoga, Ayurveda is a foundation for wellness that begins with us.  What it ultimately offers the modern day world is the tools and insights to refocus our attention on a universal and enduring  truth: The secret to preventing disease is embracing that no matter where we’re starting from or how far we have to go, we all must engage in the process of healing our relationship with ourselves and our world.

“Know yourself, love yourself” - Chara Caruthers

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