May I Be Frank? You Can Transform Your Life


Redemption. Triumph. Transformation. Our newest release from the FMTV Film Club, ‘May I Be Frank’, reveals the trials that one man must overcome to heal his life. It does so with a poignancy and raw honesty that sets it apart from anything I’ve ever seen before. 

The film initially introduces us to Frank; a depressed, morbidly obese man with debilitating health issues. Frank also struggles with drug addiction and is estranged from his only daughter. 

Seeking solace from his troubled life, Frank discovers a friendly raw food cafe in his neighbourhood. One staff member asks Frank a question that will forever change his life, “What do you want to do before you die?”

This is the catalyst for Frank to heal his life mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. 

‘May I Be Frank’ captures the essence of Frank’s struggle from a broken man, defeated by life’s hardships and ill health, to a whole, well a man who has inspired thousands of others around the globe.  The film chronicles everything from Frank’s first colonic to his most profound breakthroughs. 

Frank is relatable, a real person whose flaws and public ‘failings’ humanize our own! If you are making health changes, watching Frank’s trials and triumphs will offer you insight into your own inner workings. It will also help you understand that making lasting health changes does require soul-searching and a whole-of-life approach. 

As far as health documentaries go, ‘May I Be Frank’ is in a league of its own! It utterly exposes the vulnerability of the human spirit and proves how much healing is possible with love, kindness and community. This film ignites the soul, kindles your compassion and leaves you with the conviction that health transformation is possible when you heal your life. 

 Watch May I Be Frank on FMTV today!


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