Pain Relief World Summit - Free Event


If you suffer from any type of physical pain you need to learn about a free online event that is coming up that can have dramatic results in helping you eliminate your pain.

The event is called the Pain Relief World Summit and it's being run by the same people that produced the 'Tapping Solution' film which we stock on the 'Food Matters' website. You might have heard of a similar event they ran last year called the Tapping World Summit which was attended by over 350,000 people online!

To learn more and to register for the free event click on the link below:

Here are some of the topics that are covered in this event...

  • Relieving Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain
  •  Releasing Pain Caused by an Accident
  • Eliminating Joint Paint and Stiffness
  • Tapping to Address Pain Associated with Cancer and its Treatments
  • Using EFT Tapping for Fibromyalgia
  • Addressing the emotional components to physical pain
  • Using Tapping Before and After Surgeries to Quicken the Healing Process
  • Eliminating headaches and debilitating migraines
  • And Much More...

Here are some of the results that people saw from tapping along with just one audio on pain relief during the Tapping World Summit (This entire event is ALL on pain relief!):

"We had great success with last nights tapping. While my husband, Larry, was tapping he had a lot pain in his right knee. It went away after tapping, but then his left knee started burning.  So, we paused the audio and kept tapping, one more time and guess what? That pain left too!! He realized that all of these years he had been holding his tension in his lower legs! Then we realized that, that is where his family (Mom & Dad) always ALWAYS complained of pain. They ran a restaurant and always blamed the hours they stood on concrete for everything. We realized that this is where Larry probably picked up the same complaint. Anyway, what an eye opener!! We LOVE this tapping and are already sharing it with our friends. Thanks again!"

-Judy Gardner

"I had my mother sit down and listen in. I meet with her twice a week now, she is off all pain pills and moving around like she in her thirty’ We actually tapped to that song “Don’t worry be happy” the other night. I just want to thank you so much for bringing this information to all of us. Have a great day!"


"I am a 50 yrs old, single and working mom, boys and a girl grown up now; Last year, I often wasn't able to get upstairs into my bedroom, sometimes i crawled, pulling myself up the stairs. crying, praying- stubborn me. I tried to dig my car out after snowfall with a hand shovel- thats all I could lift. Car rides further than 15 min hurting soo much. I was reading, learning, applying all to become well again. I stumbled somehow across you and the tapping summit. I have learned so much! Seriously, I am pain free- not taking any meds (and its not a condition that dissapears overnight (MRI reports) Since listening and tapping, I have even began workout exercises to strengthen my muscles even better, I can go upstairs and downstairs without dragging my *bad* knee behind. no more crawling!

I have told Pud (87) about this and promised i will teach him to do the tapping too. Hey, can you believe, I'm even able to push the snow off my deck and steps with the big snow shovel now!!!! Little by little, my strength is coming back. My life is transforming and i feel it more every day. All due to your wonderful tapping course. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I could give you two hugs and more hugs you cannot imagine what that means to me one of my grandbabies is *only*1 hr away. Now I don’t hurt when I drive there, and I can even pick her up and snuggle with her! cheers"

-Gudrun Johanna

These are just three of the hundreds of emails they received from the 2011 Tapping World summit on the pain audio.

If you're looking to eliminate pain then this event is a must attend.

Check it out and sign up by going here:

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