The Food Matters Story


Our story starts about ten years ago when my father, Roy, hit rock-bottom with his health. To the outside world, my father was the picture of success and had coped with high-stress jobs and a fast-paced lifestyle for decades. Yet inside his body was a different story.

In 2003, Roy was diagnosed with chronic disease syndrome, depression, and anxiety. Like so many people, my father put his faith in the medical profession to cure him. But despite taking the medications that his doctors prescribed, Roy’s health steadily declined. He spent the next five years virtually bedridden, gained 50 pounds and was offered no real hope for recovery.

Not even one medical professional suggested diet or lifestyle changes. Nor was my father encouraged to learn new ways of handling his stress. And the more medications Roy took, the worse he became…

Finding The Missing Health Answers

Laurentine and I refused to accept Roy’s prognosis. So we started studying all that we could about nutrition and healing the body naturally. Our research quickly convinced us about the power of real food and the body’s own innate healing capacity.

At the time, we were working on the other side of the globe. We mailed my father books and information and begged him to consider the possibility of regaining his health naturally. But nothing was having an impact. One big problem was that my father didn’t take anything we said seriously, mostly because we were not medical doctors. Plus, the prospect of reading health literature didn’t interest Roy. That’s where the idea for our initial Food Matters film was born.

The Making Of Food Matters

We figured if Roy didn’t believe us, he just might believe the experts! So we pooled our life savings, bought some film equipment and set off on a quest to interview the global leaders in natural health and nutrition. This included doctors, nutritionists, scientists, and wellness experts.

Armed with the raw footage, we returned home to Australia and told Roy that we weren’t leaving until he got well. We were on a mission, and nothing could stop us!

From Six Meds A Day To Zero, Naturally

The impact of the initial unedited interviews on my father was huge. In particular, Roy was shocked to learn that one of the medications he was taking could actually cause suicidal thoughts. This was the catalyst to turn Roy’s unquestioning faith away from the pharmaceutical industry and into the old adage, ‘You are what you eat’.

The next step was for Laurentine and I to conduct a ‘fridge audit’. We threw out any food that wasn’t real. All of the diet products, processed foods and fats, factory-farmed meat and dairy went into the trash. We then guided Roy through a detoxification program, gradually adding more healthy foods into his diet.

We helped wean him off his medications by putting him on a special- and closely monitored- natural supplement regimen. Within only a few months, Roy had ditched the meds, changed his diet, shed 50 pounds and was running almost daily. The transformation in his health and vitality was unbelievable - all because of a simple commitment to natural foods.

Sharing This Life-Saving Information

Laurentine and I knew that there were so many people, just like my father, who could be helped by our documentary. We wanted to explain where the food, agricultural and pharmaceutical industries have gone wrong, and offer natural solutions to everyday health problems.

Since its release in 2008, Food Matters has been viewed by millions of people. Even today, we hear from literally thousands of people who have turned their health around like my father did. 

Hungry For Change: Your Health Is In Your Hands

One of things that really struck us about Roy’s recovery was how family and friends reacted to his transformation. The first thing they would say was, ‘Roy, you look amazing! Your skin is vibrant, you’ve lost so much weight, you even look younger! What have you been doing?’ One thing was clear; they were less interested in how his health has benefited, and much more fascinated to learn Roy’s secrets to youthful vitality and successful weight loss.

At this point, we knew that we had another film on our hands and that it had the potential to reach an even wider audience. We soon discovered that so many people fail to lose weight through the latest fad diets or weight-loss products. All too many of us, we realized, deal with excess weight, bloating, skin irritations, food cravings, emotional eating and food addictions - strong signs that the body is out of balance.

Laurentine and I also knew that the answers people are searching for can’t be found in fad dieting, but are available through a natural diet of fresh, nutritious and unadulterated food. So how to convey this on screen?

Just like we did for Food Matters, we enlisted the help of the world’s leading natural health and medical experts. We also interviewed men and women who discovered the secrets for lasting weight loss, abundant energy, and vibrant health after years of being sick and overweight. Their stories prove that it is possible to break free from years of bad eating habits and reclaim vibrant health.

This footage ultimately formed our second film, ‘Hungry For Change’. It is dedicated to helping people escape the diet trap forever and achieving the change they truly desire.

FMTV… The Ultimate Health And Wellness Channel At Your Fingertips!

The Food Matters family now has 3 million followers from all corners of the globe! This global demand for natural health and nutrition information inspired us to expand in new, unprecedented ways. Our community kept asking us for a convenient, online option to access health films. And after living quite a while in the US, it was evident that online streaming TV is the way of the future…

So we launched FMTV! It’s like a Netflix® for health - an online subscription channel that offers a growing library of over 700 health and wellness films. With FMTV, it’s possible to watch all your favorite inspiring documentaries, expert interviews, fitness routines and recipe videos all in one central hub.

The Big Picture

What began as a desperate attempt to heal my father, has turned into a global mission to support YOU along your health and wellness journey in any way we can. We strongly believe that with access to the right information, you can make better decisions for your health.

We have since dedicated our lives to sharing this lifesaving message not only through our films but also in what we believe can make the greatest impact on your health, for minimal effort. Education, motivation, inspiration - there's something for everyone on Food Matters and FMTV.

From discovering the latest in health and wellness news, understanding specific information on health conditions, improving your health in under 30 seconds a day with our Superfood Range, finding a practitioner that really 'gets' you, and creating a healthy home with our collection of Food Matters Approved Products. Our aim is to continue to serve you better, providing you with everything you need to support your journey towards optimal health. Something which we are so grateful to have been given the opportunity to do.

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