The Reality of Truth: Ancient Answers to New Questions

There’s a lot of films available on the internet claiming to have uncovered some ‘new secret truth’ in the Bible. But the majority are concocted by conspiracy theorists, let alone are backed by religious scholars or modern spiritual icons.

In “The Reality of Truth,” a documentary film released on Food Matters late 2018, by Harvard alumni Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, a self-described product of the American dream, goes on a mission to explore the ‘illusions of reality.’ According to his findings, most of reality is just a conceptual illusion based on consciousness, or the lack thereof. Watch the trailer below. 



Ancestral Medicine

Zappy sets out on a journey through Peru, along with a group of celebrity friends he coins as ‘Psychonauts.’ Documenting their revelations as they experiment with ancestral medicines like San Pedro and ayahuasca, these “Sailors of the Mind” as he affectionately calls them, seek to find answers using ancient tools from indigenous traditions.

Puma, the medicine man, and shaman who guides the group, discusses the healing properties of the medicine at length. He explains that there is “no reason to suffer or struggle” and that by becoming liberated (from pain), you can ‘transcend the dimensions of your consciousness.’ It is in this pure state, he encourages, where you finally get to be your true self.

His belief is that 50% of our makeup is based on who we think we are and the other 50% is from the divine. When you access the medicine with love, he instructs, it serves as a master teacher to transition from one consciousness to another.

Ayahuasca has the power to change all of it, he states. Instead of forcing yourself to face your fear, the medicine can show you how to accept yourself with your fears and then ultimately release them and become free.

Zappy and his squad continue to integrate the revelations from their journey, finding that the medicine activates their ability to remove ‘filters’ and old beliefs.

Gerard, a former alcoholic and drug user, describes the intimate details of his first ayahuasca journey when he recalled a repressed childhood memory of being sexually molested by his grandfather. His testimony with ayahuasca has become legendary, freeing him from addiction and transforming his life.

But if these plants are having such phenomenal success rates with healing trauma and addiction, then why are they considered illegal in the United States? According to Zappy’s research, the pharmaceutical industry wants to maintain it’s a stronghold on selling patented, petroleum-based medications that make people consumers for the rest of their life, rather than offering cures.

The film theorizes that if common western ailments like addiction, depression, anxiety and other disorders that often emerge from an emotional and/or psychological axis were treatable through transforming one’s consciousness, particularly through meditation, breathing techniques, and plant medicine, then global change then becomes possible. Therefore, the dominant paradigm though, that we can’t really do anything about changing our reality, is just a myth.

During an interview with Deepak Chopra, he cites the work of a group of scientists, whose current research concludes that the brain doesn’t produce consciousness, it actually filters it. Basically, that means we are transmitters of infinite potential in what can only be described as a field of possibilities. So if all boundaries are truly conceptual, as he claims, then separation is the real hallucination. And while Chopra doesn’t endorse the use of plant medicine as some sort of panacea, he illustrates how the human brain has receptors to these plants, responding naturally to their healing modalities.  

“The Reality of Truth” is a fascinating conversation with many respected spiritual leaders of the modern world aiming to bring back ancient techniques to transcend the current strife and move consciousness forward. Filmed on location in Hawaii, Europe, and South America, it’s an epic journey connecting thousands of years of teachings.


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