Things We Are Loving: GoodnessMe Box


We're excited to be teaming up with GoodnessMe Box for their November Box! 

Each month GoodnessMe Box curates a box of healthy goodies to ship to people to give everyone access to healthy, trending, and powerful new snacks and processed. 

We are in an amazing new era of the food revolution where we are seeing more and more processed products BUT in a healthy way with minimal processing and high-quality ingredients. 

In this day and age of fake food and toxic ingredients, the damage to our bodies and health is evident. Gut issues, poor immunity, chronic disease, fatigue, weight gain and more… We all know we need to eat more nutrient-rich plants daily, but we also need to become savvy consumers and know what to look out for in a product. 

We're excited to be apart of this month's November Box including some cool products like plant-based protein, beauty collagen water, cauliflower flour, mushroom latte, gluten-free pasta and more! 

Like us, the team at GoodnessMe Box is just as passionate about health as us! So go on, dig into this month’s box knowing that the products inside are tried, tested and loved.