NOW LIVE: Episode 1 - What’s In Our Food?


Episode 1 of TRANSCENDENCE - Live Life Beyond the Ordinary is now live!

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Could the first step to changing your life be as simple as what you put in your mouth? How can you heal the gut and autoimmune conditions naturally? What’s the best diet for long-term health and vitality? Should you eliminate gluten?

In this episode, we venture deep into these topics and you will learn:

  • The importance of gut health and how to keep your immune system strong
  • How different modern wheat is today and how it has affected our health
  • What really goes into processed foods (hint: petroleum) and how the food industry isn't being held responsible
  • How the 'fat-free' movement actually led to a seven-fold increase in obesity
  • Plus much, much more

You’ll hear personal stories from 14x Grand Slam Winner Novak Djokovic and how his diet affected his performance on and off the court, Vani Hari fighting food giant KRAFT, and winning, plus Dr. Libby Weaver, Dr. Mark Hyman, John Robbins, and more...

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