Try This 10-Minute Stress Relieving Technique


Stress is one of the biggest challenges we’re facing today. In fact the World Health Organization has been quoted as saying it’s the ‘health epidemic of the 21st century’. 

So what’s the quickest way to de-stress and turn off your body's health destroying hormones? Breathwork! 

In fact Dr. Libby, who features in our upcoming film, talks about how extending the length of the exhalation of your breath is one of the quickest ways to turn off your body's fight-or-flight stress response. 

So why is breathwork so important? Breathing deeply allows the maximum amount of oxygen to enter your body and reach your cells. And our cells thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. Plus breath expert Wim Hof talks about how morning breathwork, similar to the video above, can help you alkalize your body before you start your day!  

So why not join me for a morning breathwork class that will open up your diaphragm, expand your intercostal muscles and provide your lungs with a gentle internal massage?

Breathe on!



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