What Are The Benefits of Vacuum Blending?


Vacuum blenders are a new breed of blenders that blend your ingredients in a ‘vacuum’ environment to reduce oxidation and create a more smooth smoothie.

The idea is that it will help to preserve the colors and flavors, and keeps the nutrients close to nature. You’ll get the best taste and maximum nutrition!

How Does Vacuum Blending Work?

Vacuum blending using a technique that removes all of the air from the blender with the help of a pump. This allows you to blend in a low-oxygen environment which helps reduce the oxidation of the ingredients.

Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of vacuum blending:

1. Bright Colors and Fresh Flavor

Because of the way the vacuum blender removes air before blending, your smoothies will be brighter and have a better flavor! This is because the fruits and vegetables haven’t had time to oxidize and therefore look and taste better due to being slightly more preserved.

2. Reduced Nutrient Loss

Using a vacuum blender will help to protect the nutrients in your ingredients, especially nutrients that are prone to oxidization such as vitamin C, and fat-soluble vitamins like A and E.

3. Fresh Flavor for Longer

Making smoothies with the vacuum method will preserve the flavor even longer, meaning you can make your smoothie in advance, without losing the flavors or nutrients that you're after.

4. Less Foam

Not a fan of frothy smoothies? The vacuum technology will help eliminate this for you. With no air present in the blender, the result is a lot more smoothie and zero foam and froth.

5. Less Separation

You’ve probably noticed when you let your smoothie sit for too long, your ingredients begin separating. Vacuum blending technology helps to emulsify ingredients resulting in less separation in your finished product.

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