PMS, Fertility, Postpartum, and More: A Deep Dive on Hormones with Jacqueline Alwill & Brittany Darling

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If you’re a female, there’s no doubt that you’ve experienced changing hormones at some point in your life. Balancing your hormones is important so that you can function at your best no matter the season of life you’re in, including through PMS, pregnancy, and postpartum. In today’s episode, I am joined by Jacqueline Alwill and Brittany Darling as we discuss the important role that nutrition plays in changing hormones throughout a woman’s life.  

About Jacqueline and Brittany:

Jacqueline & Brittany have been on a deep dive in nutrition. When they first started out, they felt overwhelmed by the lack of credible resources around women’s health. Now as business partners the two of them have 20+ years of experience in the health industry, and know a thing or two about nutrition, optimizing fertility, and parenting.

As accredited nutritionists, they are empowering women to understand their bodies and individual needs and take back control over their hormonal health at any age.

In this week's episode with Jacqueline and Brittany, you’ll discover: 

  • What exactly hormones are and how to identify if your hormones are unbalanced
  • The top diet and lifestyle changes you can make to reduce the symptoms of PMS
  • How to care for your body to maximize fertility
  • Practical things you can do for your hormones postpartum
  • How to improve sleep issues caused by hormonal imbalances 
  • And so much more!

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