The Best Food Matters Podcasts of 2023

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From optimizing your brain and gut health to unlocking your unlimited potential, this is the expert advice you MUST take with you into 2024.

And if you've got more time, you can listen to all 5 of the featured episodes in full at the links below.

1.  Using Adaptogenic Mushrooms to Optimize Your Brain Health & Boost Your Immunity with Plant-based Nutrition Expert, Tero Isokauppila

If you're curious about adaptogens and don't know where to start, listen in.

2. How Sleep Affects Longevity, Plus Secrets of the World’s Healthiest People with Longevity Expert and Filmmaker, Jason Prall

If you want to live well into your 80s, 90s, and beyond with good health tune in to learn the secrets of the world’s healthiest people.

3. The Art of Mastering Your Mind for Unlimited Potential in Your Life with Psychology Expert, Dr. John Demartini

If you feel like you’re struggling to uncover your true potential in life then this one's for you.

4. Healing Your Mind, Body & Spirit with Nature Immersion & Plant Medicine with Modern Medicine Woman, Cathy Coyle

Found out how powerful healing occurs when you immerse yourself in nature.

5. How Identifying Your Sleep Type Could Transform Your Health with Sleep Expert and Coach Olivia Arezzelo

If you're looking for restful and restorative sleep, don't sleep on this episode.

There's so much wisdom to be gained from these conversations with some of the leading health experts right now. We hope you get a moment to tune in.

You won't want to miss an episode of the Food Matters Podcast in 2024. Here are some of the incredible episodes we've got coming your way:

  • Integrative nutritionist, Courtney Swan exposes the government subsidies contributing to America's broken food system and gives us simple tips for how to navigate the grocery store.
  • The Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham explains how to use plant medicine to prevent cognitive decline and regulate our hormones, and shares the one superfood with the power to help women through PMS. 
  • Biological optimization expert, Dr. Sean O’Mara shares how he reversed his pre-diabetes, hypertension, enlarged prostate, arterial blockage, and more in just 1 year, and what we can do to optimize our gut microbiome to help reverse our conditions and chronic disease.

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