3 Foods That Could Change Your Life!

Aug 04, 2013 12K Views

Do you ferment your own food or have been thinking of trying it? Discover the 3 powerful fermented foods that when consumed together create a powerhouse of goodness and will make you feel alive!


Felicity Evans

Felicity Evans is an alchemist and creator, in love with the healing powers of fermented probiotic products. Her passion is handcrafting a range of sparkling probiotic water kefir drinks, called Imbibe Living, that bring the energy and radiance into your everyday life.

She’s the author of “Probiotic Drinks …


The Link Between Gut Health And Healthy Digestion - Plus A Simple Sauerkraut Recipe!

Dec 08, 2012 1.4K Views

Your gut health plays a major role in determining the optimal health and functioning of your digestive tract. Learn here how to correct three common digestive ailments plus enjoy a simple fermented food recipe rich in probiotic cultures!


Spicy Kimchi (Recipe)

by Amy Crawford Dec 04, 2014 5.4K Views

Kimchi is a great digestive aid to get the juices flowing before dinner. If you have never ventured into the world of fermented foods, this is a great place to start.


Simple Sauerkraut (Recipe)

Dec 08, 2014 37K Views

Sauerkraut and other fermented foods are great for building and feeding your healthy gut bacteria. Here’s a great, 3 ingredient recipe you can use to make your very own, gut-friendly sauerkraut at home.


Gut-Loving Probiotic Pina Colada Coconut Water Kefir

by Felicity Evans Nov 09, 2017 8.7K Views

This fizzy, tangy probiotic beverage is deliciously coconut-y - and packed with gut-healthy probiotics! Try this simple recipe to whip up a batch today.


Fermenting Like A Pro! Q & A With The Queen Of Fermentation Alchemy

by Rachel Morrow Jul 04, 2017 3.7K Views

Life should be fizzy! As in, bubbling with probiotic-rich, fermented foods and beverages. You know how much we love them and their health benefits at Food Matters, and you often ask a lot of questions about them, so we've brought in a fermenting expert to give you her best tips!


Beet Kvass With Orange And Cloves

Jul 05, 2017 1.9K Views

Beetroot is a titan of the health food world. It’s a crimson nugget packed with blood-cleansing antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. and cloves are a perfect match! Enjoy this delicious kvass recipe - it's not a highly effervescent ferment.


Coconut Yogurt With Pomegranate & Nuts

by Ranieri Silva Nov 02, 2015 1.4K Views

No stabilizers, no gelatin, no agar, no starches or tapioca. Just pure coconut goodness!


Sticky Ginger Tempeh Bowl

by Rachel Morrow Jan 18, 2021 1.3K Views

This simple bowl is a healthy source of plant-based protein, easy to make for weeknights, and is enjoyed by the whole family. Discover our go-to 20-minute tasty recipe.

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