10 Powerful Health Benefits Of Eating Avocado


Health professionals, yogis, and green eating enthusiasts alike have long hailed the humble avocado for being a superstar when it comes to benefiting your health. Its benefits read like a rap sheet of antioxidants, nutrient rich vitamins and minerals, all aiding in the overall health of your skin and body. Health and Natural Beauty Guru David ’Avocado’ Wolfe has even self-named himself after the ruggedly wrapped fruit. We’ve all heard through the grapevine that fat is back and that avocados are one of the good guys but do you really know why?

Read on to understand just how powerful this rough and sometimes misunderstood fruit really is. One can only say that its exterior is so rough so as to keep all of its luscious, mineral and vitamin rich benefits safely wrapped up just for you.

1. Say it with me, Fat is GOOD! Or should I say good fats are good. Let me explain...

Avocados alias as ‘Nature's Butter’ has turned it into a slightly misunderstood little fruit. Unlike vegetable fats (think canola), avocados are rich in monosaturated fats, which are great for heart health, and in aiding in the absorption of antioxidants. So contrary to fatty beliefs, this fat is a great one to have as part of a balanced diet, especially for those with high cholesterol or those looking to shed a couple pounds. 

2. Rich in Nutrients & Low in Sugar

These creamy little bundles are packed with protein, high in fiber (6-7grams per half fruit) and incredibly versatile! What does this mean for you? It means that swapping out that mayo, cheese or butter on your sandwich for just 1⁄2 an avocado will help fill you up for longer as well as give your brain and body the energy to power through your day

3. Don’t Forget The Seed!

Did you know that 70% of the antioxidants in an avocadoare actually in its flesh and seed?! An often overlooked part of the fruit, the antioxidants in the seed play a large part in helping to prevent heart disease and aid in the lowering of cholesterol. The seed is also great to use if trying to naturally relieve constipation or help ease diarrhea because of how rich in fiber it is.
Now this is not to discredit all the amazing nutrients that are packed in the flesh but if you are looking to reach optimal health and full benefits of the avocado, here are a couple ways in which you can consume the seed and all of it’s added advantages.

  • After slicing open your avocado, place the seed in a bag and hammer it down with a heavy object (olive oil bottle, rolling pin) When its broken down enough, sprinkle it in with your smoothie mix and blitz it all together. 
  • If you have a heavy -duty juicer, you can pass it through it whole along will your choice of fruit and veggies.


4. Incredible Versatility

All right now, it’s time to let your culinary imagination run free! Avocados are for so much more than just your favorite guacamole recipe. With such a creamy texture and neutral taste, avocados are great to substitute into any baking recipe that calls for butter or shortening. It can be whipped up into a mousse or blitzed into a salad dressing or pasta sauce. No matter your tastes or dietary restrictions, there is a place for avocados in your meals. 

5. Dish Free Snacking!

If you avoid dirtying dishes like you avoid refined sugars then avocados are your new best friends! Keep it simple with a drizzle of olive oil, lemon juice, and some fresh cracked pepper. For Avo connoisseurs, work it into your breakfast by cracking an egg into the seedless side and baking it in the oven for a few minutes. Drizzle a little chili ginger chia jam over top for some added zing!

6. Baby Health

Avocados are a rich in potassium, B vitamins, fiber as well as antioxidants. They are also rich in folate, a nutrient that promotes healthy cell and tissue development, which is especially important in the development stages of pregnancy as well as infancy. Did you know that avocados also naturally boost libidos in both men and women? The Aztecs translation for an avocado tree is “ testicle tree”. So whether you’re trying or have already succeeded in getting pregnant, the benefits of avocados help you from start to finish.

7. Long- Term Health Benefits

It’s already been mentioned what a power-house of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins avocados are. One of the main antioxidants found in avocados, glutathione (say that 3 times fast) is a master at replenishing and recycling other antioxidants into the body, which helps to strengthen your immune system. Having a healthy immune system gives your body the strength and ability to fight off those cancer causing free radicals as well as a host of other microbes that can lead to serious illnesses. 

8. Avocados Love Everyone

No matter your lifestyle, there is a place for avocados in your well-balanced diet. Avocados are a great and readily available source of protein & monosaturated fats for vegans and vegetarians as well as helping to keep cholesterol levels in check for the lovers of meats and cheeses. Whether you’re raw, paleo or a free range carnivore, avocados have what your body needs.

9. Improve your Eye Health

Avocado contains 81mg of the antioxidants lutein & zeaxanthin, which specialize in protecting your eyes from stress damage, cataracts, and macular degeneration. So mix a bit of an avocado through your rice or toss it in a salad, your eyes will thank you for it! 

10. Radiant Skin & Hair

Incredibly nourishing for your skin and quickly absorbed, avocado gets into the inner sebum layers of the skin, giving moisture to dry skin quickly and also helping to lock in that moisture. Great for people with sensitive, dry as well as oily skin. When mixed with citrus juices, the balance between the acidity in the citrus and the nourishing effects of the avocado oil help to matte the outer layer of the skin while still giving the necessary vitamins and minerals to give you that glowing complexion we’re all chasing. It’s also a good source of vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that protects against free radicals, a big benefit for both the skin and hair. Here's a natural face mask for you to try! 

No matter how you serve it, avocado is a fruit packed with potent health benefits! 

How Do You Have Your Avocado?

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