Welcome to 2022! Happy New Year from Food Matters


I want to start by saying a big warm welcome and show my gratitude to you. Thank you for showing up and being a part of this incredible community. Thank you for showing up for yourself. It’s now 2022 and anything can happen! Remember, today is the greatest day of your life. Honor that.

This last year we have collectively been through a lot. I know you’ve been through a lot. There have been enormous health challenges, personal, financial, relationship challenges. It’s almost a year that many people want to forget. But there have been some important lessons we have learned too.

At Food Matters, we’re committing to making 2022 the year of education. We believe with access to quality information and quality education, we collectively can make better decisions for our health.

Whatever it might be, the decisions you make can impact the quality of your life.

And with that in mind, we’ve got some really exciting educational (but fun) things planned for the coming year. A new recipe book, a new film, a new intake of the Nutrition Certification Program…

Now, our calendar of events. This Monday, January 10, we are kicking off the year with a 7-day juice detox.

Why? There’s no better way to re-energize, reboot, and cleanse your body than with liquid nutrition. The Food Matters Juice Detox is designed to help you lose excess weight, increase your energy, and reboot your system from the inside out, no matter the season.

If you’re already a member, turn on your guided emails this Sunday, January, so you’re ready to begin with us on Monday. And if you’re not already a member, you can join us today here and get 50% off, plus over $230 worth of bonuses when you join before Monday, January 10. Even if you can’t start with the team on Monday, join today to unlock lifetime access to this incredible guided program.

Next up, this March we’ll be opening up enrollments to our online nutrition training program; The Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program.

We’ve assembled the greatest minds, independent from big business interests, to share with you the most trusted research on nutrition and healing in the world including Mark Hyman M.D, David Wolfe, Libby Weaver Ph.D., Elizabeth Rider, Dave Asprey, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Alejandro Junger, and more!

It’s a 10-week online training program, where we give you the tools and information need to heal yourself and your loved ones. It’s ideal for you if you are looking to improve the health of yourself and your family, or you’ve been thinking about studying nutrition and want an in-depth program to better understand the field and your opportunities better, or you’re looking for a career change in 2022.

Once you’ve successfully completed the program, you’ll be a certified Food Matters Nutrition Coach. You will have the confidence and knowledge needed to provide valuable advice and guidance to others and be able to start that wellness business you’ve been dreaming of.

We only open enrollments twice per year, so head here to get on the waitlist. That’s coming this March.

Okay, there’s one more thing I want to share with you. It’s dropping this April and I cannot wait to share it with you. I know you are going to love it. We made it for you, for the Food Matters community. It’s….. No, I can’t tell you yet, but make sure you are signed up for the Food Matters newsletter so you don’t miss this huge announcement.

And we’ve got so much more planned, but that’s all I’m sharing with you right now.

Now, if you’re new here or just joined the community recently I have some homework for you to get you started this year:

  1. Go and watch the Food Matters Film Library. You can download them on our site, or watch them on Gaia, or you can get those for free when you join the 7-day Juice Detox.
  2. Join the 7-day Juice Detox. It’ll change your life, I promise you!
  3. Subscribe to the Food Matters podcast. There are so many incredible interviews on there with leading health and wellness experts. You can learn so much in just one hour!

Remember, anything is possible. If you can think it, if you can imagine it, you can create it.

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