How A Niacin Flush Can Boost Your Detox


A common story I am told when someone first tries homemade kombucha is that they sometimes experience flushed cheeks and get a bit tingly or lightheaded. This temporary sensation, called a niacin flush, usually lasts less than ten minutes. It is triggered by the extremely bioavailable and rapidly absorbed niacin (Vitamin B3) into the bloodstream.

My very first experience with a niacin flush occurred in exactly this way when I tried the traditional Russian beverage for the first time many years ago. It still happens occasionally if I am a bit dehydrated or run down when I enjoy a glass.

There is no need to worry if this has happened to you too. A niacin flush is not harmful, and some people even find the sensation pleasant. I must admit that I find it a very relaxing experience! The best news is that a mild niacin flush experienced when consuming traditional or supplemental whole foods like nutritional yeast that contain plentiful or highly bioavailable Vitamin B3 is very helpful to gentle detoxification as well.

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