Laurentine's Unique Post-Pregnancy Workout (Video)


Hi everyone!

As many of you know the new little love of our lives Hugo was welcomed into this world on July 7 this year. Laurentine has just been amazing and is a natural when it comes to motherhood. I am so proud of her and we really appreciate all the love we have felt from our beautiful Food Matters and Hungry For Change community.

One of the difficult things new mums struggle with is finding time for themselves to do some exercise. Instead of trying to find alone time to get the endorphins flowing, why not let your baby enjoy the fun with you! 

Check out this fun little clip we recently caught on film of Laurentine and baby Hugo hitting Santa Monica beach for some exercise. We don't recommend this for beginners and make sure you have someone else with you :)

In Good Health,

James, Laurentine and Baby Hugo.


Do you do any fun exercises with your kids? What do you love to do with your baby to bond and get outside?

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