Our Favorite Healthy Cookware


At Food Matters, we obviously know that what you eat matters, but just as important, and often unconsidered, how you prepare your food matters too! When trying to live as toxin-free as possible, we also have to consider the pots and pans that we are using to cook our foods.  

Unfortunately, Teflon has become a very common coating on our pots and pans.  This coating is very toxic, leaching off-gases and toxic chemicals into your home environment, and more alarming, your food, when used. There are also new technologies that continue to pop up but is it the safest choice for your family?

Some of the best and safest alternatives that I love to use are actually simple ones. 

First is cast iron, a type of cookware that has been used for centuries and is actually a healthy item to use. Plus, it lasts for decades so it’s a great investment. 

The second is stainless steel. This is another great, nontoxic material.  It is not non-stick depending on what you are cooking, however, it still has great uses at lower temperatures. 

These are the two forms of cookware that make up my kitchen. 

Cook on!