Our Favorite Water Filter


What is the best type of water to drink? If you ask nature-based philosopher Viktor Schauberger from his research in the 1900’s, the answer is pure spring water, fresh out of the rocks, at 39° Fahrenheit (4° Celsius). 

But really, who has access to that kind of amazing water?! You can actually find out if you do by going to findaspring.com, founded by Daniel Vitalis, to find a spring close to you.

But what about the rest of us who don’t have convenient access to a spring!? What do we do?

There are plenty of additives to our water that we don’t want - fluoride, pharmaceutical drug runoff, and antibiotic drug run off - just to name a few. We really should be filtering our tap water. 

So what is the best filter? Reverse osmosis filtration or RO’s. When water is filtered, it takes about 99.9% of the toxins out, which is great. But RO’s also come with a re-mineralizing system and a carbon filter.  These systems add the benefits you would find in natural spring water! It’s a very practical and easy tool to use daily in the kitchen. 

This is definitely the water filtration system I would recommend.

Filter on!