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What is the best type of water to drink? If you ask nature-based philosopher Viktor Schauberger from his research in the 1900’s, the answer is pure spring water, fresh out of the rocks, at 39° Fahrenheit (4° Celsius). 

But really, who has access to that kind of amazing water?! You can actually find out if you do by going to findaspring.com, founded by Daniel Vitalis, to find a spring close to you.

But what about the rest of us who don’t have convenient access to a spring!? What do we do?

There are plenty of additives to our water that we don’t want - fluoride, pharmaceutical drug runoff, and antibiotic drug run off - just to name a few. One report released last year showed just how dangerous and prevalent these chemicals are.

We know that many people look to buying plastic bottled water in place of drinking water from their tap, and that's really wonderful to see the level of awareness, but this comes with its own set of concerns. Not only are plastic water bottles responsible for a significant environmental impact as single-use plastics, but the type of plastic most commonly uses leaches a chemical known as BPA directly back into the water you're drinking (take a look at #4 in this article to see).

We really should simply be filtering our tap water. 

So what is the best filter? Reverse osmosis filtration or RO’s. When water is filtered, it takes about 99.9% of the toxins out, which is great. But RO’s also come with a re-mineralizing system and a carbon filter.  These systems add the benefits you would find in natural spring water! It’s a very practical and easy tool to use daily in the kitchen. 

US: This is definitely the reverse osmosis water filtration system I would recommend for those of you in the US.

AU: For our friends here in Australia, the best reverse osmosis water filtration system is the PurePro.

There are also some other amazing systems, such as the benchtop mineralization systems that use cartridges to add some of the essential minerals back into your water after it's filtered. If you're looking for a system that you can slide onto any shelf, check out Waters' entire range. 

Happy filtering!

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