Studying Nutrition Online Helped Me Shed Excess Weight & Change My Life


Becoming a nutrition coach may seem like something you study after years of preparation. But for some, studying nutrition online is just the beginning of a new journey, and a new way of living. Our recent Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program graduate Karon is a true testimony of how this knowledge can change your life. When first tuning into one of our Facebook Live events, the whole field of nutrition was completely new. But after 10 weeks of study, and a few months of putting those habits into action, she’s bettered not only her life - but that of everyone around her.

Here’s her remarkable story.

Why did you decide to join the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program?

“Well, it was November 2020. I had been having some digestive issues on and off for a few years and they were, seem to be increasing. And I was on the verge of hiring a nutritionist. I was vegetarian, though I ate dairy and I was frustrated because I'd already given up coffee and had recently given up, well, three months earlier alcohol and all other sugars. And I wasn't eating much processed food or fried food. When I saw James’ Facebook Live event with James talking about chia seeds and how, if you soak them you get this gelatinous substance that is a good nutrition source or protein source for vegetarians…”

“So I decided, that piqued my interest, so I decided to watch some more Food Matters Facebook Live episodes, and got quite fascinated with the tidbits of information I was learning and felt that becoming a nutritionist with Food Matters would be a really great step forward for me for my health, but also for all of my loved ones, help me make better choices help my 11-year-old son make some better choices. He's actually a very good eater, eats lots of veggies but it's always great to get more information about a topic that's so important for our ongoing health. And so that was that.”

What did you learn throughout the program?

“I joined the program and went through the different modules and discovered, as I said a lot of new protein options for me plant-based protein options I should say. So at that point, I decided I'm gonna give up dairy. I don't eat cheese anymore. Stopped eating, well, I hadn't eaten yogurt for quite some time actually so. And then the day I heard that wheat, a modern-day wheat plant's been so corrupted that it now tears the lining of our stomach causing large food particles to get through the membrane and into our bloodstream causing further issues down the road with chronic type diseases. The day I heard that I said I'm done with wheat and that was it.”

“I've been having a lot of fun exploring with cassava, tapioca, buckwheat, almonds, and other plant-based flowers. I've been having so much fun with the Food Matters recipes. It's been a great exploration for me if discovered different plant-based proteins that allow me to make a complete meal that nourishes me and satisfies me in a way that I haven't had for many many years in terms of food. And it's just been a great, wonderful, welcoming community. I've been so, felt so supported by the different people working in the Food Matters Company.”

This is such an incredible journey in a few short months. What have you been recommending that others try?

“Well, I've been encouraging friends and colleagues to try the one-week Food Matters detox. I did that in January, and then I combined that with a three-week Jason Vale vegetable juice and soup detox in February. And so each time I've done the Food Matters detox, it's been a wonderful experience. The ingredients are nutritious. It's easy to make smoothies since March I've been now having a smoothie for almost every breakfast, a vegetable juice for most of my lunches. And I just felt so much brighter and lighter in terms of transformation.”

“I noticed a huge boost in energy by mid-February. I was dancing often in the mornings. I'd get up and I'd realized I was dancing and singing in the bedroom as I was getting ready. I noticed that my drawstring on my pyjama bottoms I had to keep tightening and tightening or, you know because they kept getting, they kept feeling loose. And then I looked in the mirror one day in late February and realized I had these deep creases running down each side, vertically running down each side of my abdomen area and realized I had lost inches, inches off my waist. I don't have a scale. So I didn't know about the weight but I decided at that point to try on my work clothes my dress clothes for work that I hadn't worn in over a year. And I felt like I was a kid trying on her mom's work wardrobe because they were hanging off me everywhere. I realized at that point, it wasn't just around the middle. My entire body had shrunk.”

“And about a couple of weeks after that, I went to get new jeans 'cause I was tired of tightening the belt and feeling like my jeans were baggy. And when I went to get some jeans at a local consignment store I discovered I was down three dress sizes. And I hadn't even been working out that much because I was focused on the detox and the weather was crappy in Canada at that point in February. So that amazed me. I was already thoroughly enjoying the Food Matters Nutrition Program. I was already feeling so empowered and educated and I was already, as I said sharing my wealth of knowledge with people that I care about and with anyone who would listen really. But to have that transformation, to realize just how soft my skin feels all the time was just outstanding. It just validated a lot of the training that we got in those different modules.”

You’re an inspiration - and it shows, this information is really really valuable. So what’s next for you now?

“So where do I want to go from here? Well, I would like to be a nutritionist. A nutrition coach for other people. I would like to make that a future career following James's module 10 masterclass business masterclass and I am working on my pain story right now. And I have to think about a business plan or what is my role in this new world, right? What's my niche, right?”

“So that's for the future, but for now just sharing with everyone and advice I would give, keep an open mind, try some vegan recipes, try some plant-based, try some try making some cashew cheese, cashew nut cheese. It's super easy. It's so much fun. It tastes delicious. Yeah, I always use a lot of herbs and spices in my cooking. When I may savory things 'cause I was relying on vegetables like yams and things so you need to some spice in there when you're gonna make that your main. But yeah, increase your spices, increase your herbs buy a juicer and try some liquid lunches because in a good way, because of the healthy way because they really improve your sports performance.”

“Like everything, just everything just shifts for the better. And you know, I've gone back over 20 years rather than 12 years in terms of my dress size. My energy level is better than it's been in at least six or seven years. And I feel younger, way younger, than I have in over a decade. And it's really true what they say, food matters. So thank you very much and good luck with your studies.”

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