Thinking of Studying Nutrition Online in 2021? Here’s What You Need to Know


Have you been thinking about studying nutrition online in 2021?

Many of us have those profound “what if’s” in the back of our minds. What if I had chosen that path? What if I had followed my passions? What if I wrote that book or studied something I felt called to in my heart?

Or perhaps, what if I turned my passion for healthy living into a career? It’s often said that we will never know unless we try, so maybe it’s time for a change of heart this year.

If you’ve been thinking of studying nutrition online in 2021, here’s what you need to know.

Mainstream Nutrition Schools & Universities Are No Longer Independent

At Food Matters, we’ve long seen the influence of money in healthcare. Big pharma, big ag, big food, medical insurance companies, biased nutrition advice influencing public health… we’ve been pointing this out since our first Food Matters film launched in 2008 (and it’s still happening, in an even bigger way!). You and I both know that big business shouldn’t be influencing research studies and ultimately our collective health and wellbeing. 

This is why independent nutrition schools, that is, schools that aren’t influenced by corporate motivations, have the freedom to offer an evidence-based and anthropologically supported education to their students. This is something that we believe has the power to change the future of healthcare and overall wellbeing and ultimately help to reduce our reliance on the very industries that seek to profit from our illness.

Study Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

Many clinical dietitians can spend upwards of $80,000 on their degree, which doesn’t account for the time taken off for placements, living costs while completing full-time study, and everything that goes alongside the degree. Even with student loans and government-supported fee help being made more regularly available, we know that this high-cost education isn’t attainable for everyone, and it may serve as a barrier to helping people the education that they need to better the world. With COVID we’ve seen many mainstream universities like Harvard and Stanford transition to online learning amid lockdowns and border closures for international students, so why does this education need to be so expensive still? This is why many online nutrition courses offer a rich curriculum, free from the influence of big business and expensive campus infrastructure, for a fraction of the cost.

You Can Study At Your Own Pace, In Your Own Hours

Many standard university courses require people to be in the classroom and labs as part of their education, for a recommended 40 hours per week. For many people hoping for a career in nutrition, but are at home with families, are working full-time jobs, or don’t have the capabilities to dedicate this time, flexibility is needed with the timetable. Studying nutrition online can allow for study at a pace that suits them, during the hours that suit them best. We know we’re all highly individualized people, who have different needs, and studying online allows for that.

Science Doesn’t Have to Take Place In a Lab

More often than not, science is taking place every day in the real world - and this is especially true with nutrition. Many online nutrition courses offer real-world applications of basic nutrition theory because they know that this is where the knowledge is needed most.

Support Is Always There When Needed

There are some online courses that assist you with enrollment, then leave you out on your own. But there are also a rare few courses that offer the guidance and support you need every step of the way. Often when studying with a more ‘traditional’ institution, there are only certain hours where tutors can be reached, lecturers are seemingly impossible to reach out to, and it’s challenging to find the support you need. Online providers recognize that their students will be based around the world with different needs, so comprehensive support is always on offer.

Our Intake Is Opening Soon

If the thought of taking your nutrition knowledge to the next level is still at the front of your mind, the next intake of the Food Matters Nutrition Certification Program is opening soon! You can discover everything about the course and register your interest for the first intake of 2021, here. 

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