Hormones, Stress, Weight Loss and The Art of Managing it All with Dr Libby

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Do you feel like, no matter how hard you try, you can't lose that stubborn weight, you can't seem to get the sleep your body's craving, or your moods seem to be all over the map?! We get you! Better yet, Dr. Libby Weaver gets you!

In this episode, Dr. Libby Weaver, one of Australasia's leading nutritional biochemists, author, and speaker, explains exactly what stress is doing to your body emotionally and physically AND she tells you how you can break through that burden of stress to start living!

  • The ripple effect on your life due to long-term stress and the role of cortisol in your body.
  • Living in the sympathetic nervous system; and how it plays havoc on your weight. management, food cravings, sleep quality, patience, moods, self-esteem and overall quality of life.
  • Realizing that the way we eat, drink, move, think, believe and perceive impacts our need to rush.
  • Becoming aware of why you do what you do and work out what led you there.

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