A Tribute to Charlotte Gerson: Using Food to Heal and Natural Cancer Therapies

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With the passing of the admirable Charlotte Gerson last week, just 1 month shy of her 97th birthday, we're dedicating this week's Food Matters Podcast to honoring the beacon of hope she was, and the powerful legacy she has left behind.

Charlotte was a champion in the natural health and wellness movement, helping to continue the legacy of her late father’s work, Dr. Max Gerson, who discovered and developed the Gerson protocol. The natural healing protocol helped to heal those with tuberculosis, heart disease, kidney failure, and others who were going through chronic end-stage disease and even Cancer.

Dr. Gerson's story is an incredible one, captured in this full interview with Charlotte when we were filming the Food Matters Documentary. It’s amazing to think that when we conducted this interview, Charlotte was 86 years old, and an absolute powerhouse, driven by sharing the work of her father.

Charlotte - your tireless support that you dedicated to natural therapies and continuing your father’s legacy defied your age. We will forever continue to share your films with the world.

Rest In Peace Charlotte Gerson.

In this exclusive interview with Charlotte Gerson, we discuss:

  • Her father’s incredible story
  • How Dr. Max Gerson developed the Gerson Therapy to heal chronic disease
  • The cause of chronic diseases
  • The pharmaceutical industry’s war on cancer and how it impacts your health
  • The politics of cancer and why it has become an ‘industry’
  • Nixon’s 1972 claim on the ‘War on cancer’
  • The principles of the Gerson Protocol

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