The 'Champagne of Kombucha'? I'll Drink To That!

by Felicity Evans Sep 14, 2017 7.4K Views

Sweet, tingly, and nutritious, this apple kombucha recipe will be a hit for your tastebuds and a welcome treat for your gut!


Easy Kombucha Mocktails You Need To Try

by Rachel Morrow Apr 20, 2015 9.0K Views

Who needs soda when you've got kombucha?! Swap alcoholic cocktails for these probiotic rich mocktails and your tummy will thank you!


Kombucha (The Wonder Tea You Should Be Drinking)

by The Food Matters Team Apr 27, 2015 94K Views

We're a little bit obsessed with drinking kombucha in Food Matters HQ. You've probably seen it mentioned in a few articles, for a good reason. But now we are showing you how to make it!


Lentil Walnut Tacos with Smokey Cashew Queso Sauce (Recipe)

by Andrea Bemis May 20, 2015 2.9K Views

This is the kind of dinner you make on a warm evening with good company and a batch of fresh kombucha!


5 Foods You'd Never Expect to be Good For Gut Health

by James Colquhoun Jun 02, 2015 10K Views

By now you may know about the wonderful probiotic benefits of kombucha, kefir and sauerkraut. But we bet you didn't realize these everyday foods were good for your gut too!


Strawberry, Mint and Rosemary Mojito

by Rachel Morrow Nov 20, 2018 2.7K Views

A delicious mix of berries, rosemary, and mint makes this mocktail the talk of the party. All you need is some kombucha or kefir and a few ingredients, and you're set to impress all of your guests this holiday season!


3 Digestive Cocktails For The Post-Christmas Bloat!

by Rachel Morrow Dec 27, 2016 20K Views

So you indulged a little more than usual over the holiday period? Congratulations, you're human! Your tummy is probably feeling a little bloated and your skin a little less glowy. Create these digestive 'cocktails' to help you get your glow and digestion back before bringing in the New Year!


Is Revolutionary Pineapple Leather The Way For Sustainable Fashion?

by Ashleigh Jensen Aug 26, 2016 1.4K Views

Pineapple and kombucha clothing? Yes, it’s a ‘thing’! As more and more industries begin to adopt sustainable practices, the fashion and textile industry is just another one playing their part. Can fabrics made of food be the way to a sustainable future?


Immunity-Boosting Strawberry Smoothie

by Yoko Inoue Feb 10, 2020 6.5K Views

Bulk out your next blissful smoothie with healing herbs and satiating superfoods. Created with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles in mind, this quick and easy recipe is bursting with those essential vitamins and minerals.


3 Foods That Could Change Your Life!

Aug 04, 2013 12K Views

Do you ferment your own food or have been thinking of trying it? Discover the 3 powerful fermented foods that when consumed together create a powerhouse of goodness and will make you feel alive!

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