5 Tips To Reduce Daily Stress

by Rena Greenberg Aug 12, 2016 5.0K Views

In today's society we have so many distractions to keep our mind busy. Sometimes we need to switch off and free ourselves from the pressure and stress of our day. Rena Greenberg shares her top 5 tips to reducing the stresses of daily life.


Foods To Help You Fight Stress

Jan 26, 2012 389 Views

Take the quiz in this article to pinpoint your stress type. If you answer yes to three or more questions in any section, just follow the expert nutritional advice for a slimmer, calmer, healthier life.


My Favorite Adaptogens for Stress & Fatigue

by Tess Patrick May 26, 2020 3.7K Views

Plant medicines and healing herbs are the future of healing. The funny thing is that they’ve been around for centuries and we’re only just beginning to embrace their powers in the Western world. Adaptogens, in particular...


Guided Tapping Meditation for Anxiety, Stress & Overwhelm

by Laurentine ten Bosch Feb 12, 2022 3.3K Views

Tapping is a profoundly simple practice that has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, limiting beliefs, and even physical pain in mere moments. Join me for this special meditation practice.


6 Tips for a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

by James Colquhoun Nov 23, 2021 269 Views

If you can get through the holiday season relatively stress-free, then you’ve done a wonderful job. If you’re someone who is prone to stress easily, don’t worry, here are six tips for a stress-free Thanksgiving.


6 Simple Rituals for Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

by Tess Patrick Jun 09, 2020 2.1K Views

How often do you feel you are burning your candle at both ends? That no matter how hard you try to destress or what boundaries you set, the to-do list gets longer and you find it harder to catch your breath?


10 Ways Deep Breathing Can Relieve Stress

by James Colquhoun Mar 17, 2020 2.9K Views

There is a difference between taking a breath and mindfully breathing; studies have found connections between mindful breathing and state of mind. If a flow of oxygen can influence our brain, the benefits of breathwork are limitless.


Do Women Experience Stress Differently To Men?

by Delia McCabe Jan 29, 2021 165 Views

Does it matter? And is it due to nurture or nature? The discussion about differences between the male and the female brain can quickly descend into a slinging match between these two groups. If you've ever wanted to understand how your partner, friend, or family member experiences stress, read on to discover.


NOW LIVE: Episode 2 - Overcoming Fear & Stress

by James Colquhoun Nov 03, 2018 1.9K Views

Episode 2 of TRANSCENDENCE - Live Life Beyond the Ordinary is now live!


Try This 10-Minute Stress Relieving Technique

by James Colquhoun Jul 11, 2018 2.4K Views

Why is breath Important? Breathing deeply allows the maximum amount of oxygen to enter your body and reach your cells. Our cells thrive on oxygenation. Join James for a morning breathwork class that will open up your diaphragm, expand your intercostal muscles and provide your lungs with a gentle internal massage.

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