9 of the Best Flax Cracker Recipes


Flaxseed crackers make an amazing snack. Pair them with your favorite dips, soups, and spreads. Or crush up the sweet varieties for a crunchy smoothie bowl topper! They’re full of healthy fats and fiber to keep you feeling satisfied.


Here are 9 of our favorites, that don’t require a dehydrator:
Flax crackers with a boost of omega-3s and calcium from chia seeds.

3. Rosemary Sea Salt Flax Crackers 
Bump up the flavor with this rosemary and sea salt variety.

4. Flax Sesame Seed Crackers 
Sesame crackers just got so much healthier!

5. Vegan Tomato Carrot Crackers
Add some extra vege and flavor into your crackers with this tomato and carrot version.
Keep your energy up for hours!
If you love regular cheese crackers, then you’ll love these parmesan flax crackers with a little bite!
Don’t waste your juice pulp, make these high fiber crackers!
A sweet variety that goes great atop of your morning smoothie bowl.


What’s your favorite flax cracker flavor?

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