What Healthy Chef, Cynthia Louise, Really Eats Every Day!


Curious to find out what a day in the life of Chef, foodie and raw foodist entails? Catch our exclusive Q & A with Chef Cynthia Louise.

1. What Is The First Thing You Consume When You Wake Up?

Water…. Clean, plain and super cold water. And to be honest, if I am going for a walk or any type of exercise, I don't have anything at all. It's called a soft, dry fast: meaning a quick shower with clean filtered water and teeth brushing. I find this really beneficial. Then off I go….

2. What Does Breakfast Usually Look Like?

I rarely have breakfast;  I normally BREAK-fast around 1.30 pm or 2:0 pm.  Up until that time I am on water only. I love the idea of giving my organs a break as food is still breaking down from the night before and my body is working hard to do so. So  I allow my body to do what it is designed to do naturally. My body LOVES it. It's called Intermittent Fasting. It's not a diet but rather a dieting patten. And it has drastically reduced any excess inflammation of my joints and organs. At times, though, I love an early BREAK-fast. I do not put any pressure on myself; if I get hungry, I eat, and that could be anything I feel like at the time as long as it's plant based. 

3. Favorite Way To Stay Hydrated?

Mmmmm... I love water with lime, or sometimes lemon. Lime and water are a match for me. Sparkling or still, either or, as long as it's cold!! What I have noticed over the years is that long-lived cultures swim in freezing cold water and drink icy cold water.  There is something to learn from the ancients. 

4. What's Your Go-To, Healthy Pick-Me-Up? (Snack/Coffee/Green Juice?)

Sunshine!  I find when I am a little low and need a pick-me-up the sun recharges me.

I am not talking about midday sun or hours of sun baking, just 20 minutes with my palms facing up and allowing the sun and air to surround me.  It's a great pick-me -up. It's like plugging into a power port. I recommend anyone who is reading this and working in an office to head outside and face the sun, diaphragmatic breathe and recharge. It does wonders to your blood flow and your connection to our planet. 

5. If You Could Put Together The Ultimate Lunch Box, What Would Be In It?

A big slab of sourdough spelt or kamut bread, a bunch of dips, some olive oil, a few of my chocolate chip cookies and someone to share it with. Thats me - simple, real and knowing what floats my boat. LOL ;) 

6. How Do You Curb Those 3:00 p.m. Cravings?

Don't have any. As I write this I am full from BREAK-fast.  That's the beauty of intermittent fasting -  the cravings seem to be no more, especially those chocolate cravings.  I don't get them any more. 

7. If We Had You Over For Dinner And Were Serving Up Your Favorites - What Would That Look Like?

Ohhhhhhhhh well, first of all thanks for the invite!  It's rare that i get cooked for #grateful!!

Ok, so I love the simple things in life: great veggie bakes, stews of the plant-based variety.  I love pastas, broccoli tempeh and rice, Mexican food, curries and the list goes on. Really, I am just grate-FULL for the invite and I can't wait to share a meal with you!! 

8. Do You Have A Bedtime Ritual With Food?  e.g. Don't Eat For 3 Hours Before Bed, Or Have A Glass Of Warm Water Before Bed.

I try not to eat after 6.30. One of the best things I can do with my digestion is give it time to digest as the sun goes down. I am better for it and so is my husband, Scott. It's also what I learned working with biochemists and nutritionists in health retreats; eating after 6.30 is a NO-go zone. Try it!  It's a valuable ritual to have learned. 

9. What Is Your Favorite or Essential Kitchen Utensil?

My knives. They are made from Damascus steel and are SUPER sharp, making my chopping and slicing easy with flow and I feel like there is no effort at all to make a meal. BEST essential kitchen utensil you can have. A good knife! 

10. What Is Your Cooking Mantra?

Music and LOUD!!!  For years it was reggae.  Now it's a mix of funk 70s, some cool turnes from the 80s, and a little jazz.  Music is the way to a great meal and can create more flow in the preparation than one thinks. We women need to move our hips, it's vital for flow.  It's become my Cooking Mantra for sure.

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