10 Ways Deep Breathing Can Relieve Stress

by James Colquhoun Mar 18, 2020 3.0K Views

There is a difference between taking a breath and mindfully breathing; studies have found connections between mindful breathing and state of mind. If a flow of oxygen can influence our brain, the benefits of breathwork are limitless.


6 Simple Rituals for Overcoming Stress & Anxiety

by Tess Patrick Jun 09, 2020 2.1K Views

How often do you feel you are burning your candle at both ends? That no matter how hard you try to destress or what boundaries you set, the to-do list gets longer and you find it harder to catch your breath?


6 Stress Management Techniques To Balance Your Day

by Stephanie Weeks Jan 23, 2016 1.7K Views

We live in a world where we are almost presented with some kind of stressor every day! Become a master at kicking-stress out of your life!


The Best Natural Mind & Body Remedies For Stress

by James Colquhoun Feb 04, 2016 3.4K Views

Could stress be the reason for your weight gain and mood swings? Follow these simple, natural steps to quickly release stress from your mind and body.


Reduce Stress Naturally with this Simple Breath Technique

by Tess Patrick Sep 06, 2021 1.2K Views

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, even if we know all of the right things to do, and let our stress take the wheel. But when we can stop and reflect we often realize that our stressors aren’t what we think they are. Discover how you can become more aware of your breath, and the simple process it takes to kickstart this switch of our nervous system.


7 Mental Health Hacks To Naturally Lower Stress

by James Colquhoun Aug 20, 2018 8.8K Views

Headaches? Tension in your back? Tight jaw? Not sleeping well? Take your pick of these 7 health hacks to train your mind to find it's happy place, no matter what life throws at you.


Stress: The Health Epidemic Of The 21st Century

by James Colquhoun Jun 11, 2019 5.3K Views

While a stress response is a normal function for our bodies and we definitely do need it in certain circumstances, being constantly stressed is not healthy and it’s making us sick. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, stress is the health epidemic of the 21st Century.


8 Foods To Stop Stress & Keep You Resilient

by Tess Patrick Mar 31, 2020 4.2K Views

We are what we eat, and there some special foods that counteract and complement our resilience to external stressors. Here are 8 of our favorite foods to keep you calm and help reduce stress naturally!


Adaptogens – Herbs That Make the Stress Go Away

by Agnese Zimele Feb 03, 2019 2.8K Views

Our lives have become busier than ever. We try to squeeze as many activities as possible into those 24 hours working 9 to 5, going to gym, finding time for friends, arts and entertainment while still eager to maintain a healthy lifestyle. How is it possible to avoid stress and anxiety with a routine like that? Luckily, there are entirely natural herbs that can help you deal with that.


How To Use Essential Oils For Sleep & Stress

by Dr. Eric Z Aug 08, 2017 24K Views

Feeling stressful and restless? Use these essential oils to relax your mind and body - and lull yourself into better-quality sleep.

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