Wellness Rituals We’ll Never Quit in 2020


From appetite suppressant lollipops to shining our nether regions to the healing light of the sun, there have been some wild, whacky, and straight-up weird wellness rituals coming out of the woodwork this decade. There’s almost always a miraculous story to back up the ridiculous claims, but with widespread skepticism, it’s often difficult to recognize those rituals we should be embracing.

With 2020 being the year of happening on good habits, there’s a handful of wellness practices we’re not ready to kiss goodbye to anytime soon.

1. Meditation & Mindfulness

This one is first up for us for so many reasons. Regardless of how your 2019 went - maybe you’re sad to see it go, maybe it felt like the year that would never just end - practicing meditation is the best way to manage what you can control, getting your mind and spirit in the best state they can be in to take on whatever unpredictable thing or people that may come your way. Simply taking five minutes in the morning to calm your mind and meditate on something (or a few things) is all you need! Studies have found that those who habitually focus on, and appreciate the positive aspects of life through a gratitude practice experience greater levels of happiness and well-being. Learn more about why we love meditation here. 

2. Digital Detoxes

We will be the first to acknowledge how incredible technology really is. The ability to share life-saving information in a matter of seconds is something we can often take for granted. But we will also be the first to recognize that technology has its place, and often, it lives outside of that. We love taking the time to do a bit of a digital detox, keeping our phones or tablets out of our face even just for a few intentional hours a day can do wonders for our physical state (see ya later blue light) and especially for our relationships. Let’s get back to really being present with those around us, especially our loved ones, face to face. And let’s be honest, our phones don’t belong in bed with us! Start your day with our 5-minute mental detox tips here. 

3. Cold Showers

As it’s winter now for most of you, you may be thinking “I’ll do any of the things on this list, except for this one - I don’t want hypothermia!” But we’re not saying you need to spend two hours in an ice bath like Wim Hof. By just turning the water in your shower to cold for the last 30 seconds of your shower, you’re giving your body long-lasting benefits, from activates your disease-fighting cells, upregulating your lymphatic system helping the body cleanse waste, forces blood to vital organs, and helps to oxygenate the entire body. Oh and it helps to increase your metabolism. Worth the 30 seconds of chill right?! Learn more about cold exposure here. 

4. Breathwork

Our breath - it’s the only thing we can truly learn to control. For centuries, cultures have been embracing the calming and healing power of the in-and-out breath. From yoga and meditation to professional athletes and divers, learning to harness the breath can benefit your body on every plane. Whether you embrace an ujjayi breath, a lions breath, a pranayama breath, or simply holding your breath; when you stop in the moment to simply acknowledge the air coming in and out of your body, the chaos of the world around you ceases to exist. We’re not sacrificing that moment of peacefulness in 2020. Dive deeper into breathwork here. 

5. Lemon Water in the Morning

This is one of our habits that we’ve been doing since… well since we can remember. A quick and easy daily mini detox to flush out any toxins your body has been trying to get rid of overnight. Plus, it creates an alkaline state in your body, first up, which can boost your immune system function and therefore, help to prevent disease. Oh and one more win, it will keep you regular (YES!!!). Read 9 health benefits of lemon water here. 

6. Forgiveness

We will be carrying no negativity into the new decade. Like your mama always said, holding a grudge won’t hurt your enemies - only you. Knowing you can use consciousness and mindfulness techniques to move past your difficulties, hurts, and traumas is incredibly empowering and will help you walk with a little spring in your step each day. Science is telling us that negative thoughts can impact our physical body, and this decade, ain’t nobody got time for that. Discover more on this powerful topic here. 

7. More and More Plants

Plants are gorgeous: there’s no denying the breathtaking yet calming feel when you step into a green thumb’s home. But they offer more than an appeasing aesthetic on the eye. Plants provide us with oxygen and consume our carbon dioxide - in essence, they give us one of our very basic survival needs while simultaneously detoxifying our planet. Pottering around in the soil is a form of earthing, which we know has widespread health effects on the body. Plus, the sight of a flourishing houseplant brings us pure joy. Curious to learn more about going plant-based? Head here. 

8. Zero-Waste Goals

From fires to flooding, our planet is showing all the symptoms of an unhealthy climate. We all know that an unhealthy climate = unhealthy people. Rising levels of pollution, the effect on the agriculture industry and the food we eat - the implications of a sick Mother Nature are endless. We’re not only going to continue our zero-waste goals but amplify them. You’ll see us using our own containers, cups, and cutlery, supporting local businesses and limiting our food miles, praising ethical practice on food farms and championing for a brighter, healthier future, for 2020 and beyond. Start your zero-waste journey here.  


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