DIY Coconut Yogurt 4 Ways

by Sara Korzeniewski Oct 31, 2015 2.8K Views

What if I told you that you can make your own at home with only 2 ingredients and for a fraction of the cost? Would you give it a try?


5 Popular Health Trends Of 2016

by Laurentine ten Bosch Dec 21, 2016 3.3K Views

It seems that as the years go by we seem to come up with more and more health trends! Here are the ones that stood out for us in 2016!


9 Mocktail Recipes for The Holiday Season

by Rachel Morrow Dec 10, 2018 4.0K Views

Celebrate the holidays with 9 of our favorite mocktail recipes featuring a Food Matters twist with some of our favorite medicinal ingredients.


10 Ways To Healthify Your Christmas Day Menu

by Laurentine ten Bosch Dec 15, 2017 2.7K Views

Discover simple ways to healthify your Christmas day menu without sacrificing any flavor, and create a healthy Christmas feast the whole family will love.


5 Of The Best Drinks For Your Health

by James Colquhoun Apr 21, 2015 15K Views

Water is essential for good health but we can't say no to having a glass or two of these healthy beverages! Supercharge your hydration by including these 5 drinks into your weekly routine!


What Are The Healthiest Alcoholic Beverages?

by Laurentine ten Bosch Jul 27, 2017 13K Views

Discover which alcoholic drinks are the best option for your health! Some of them may actually surprise you.


5 Best Probiotic Foods

by Tess Patrick Aug 16, 2021 2.4K Views

The gut microbiome (that is the billions of beneficial bacteria that make up our insides) is responsible for so much in the body, from brain health to even things like skin health. But I don’t want to bore you with the background details, I just want to give you the fun information! Here are the 5 best probiotic foods...


The Most Popular Recipes Of 2015 (Voted By You!)

by Rachel Morrow Dec 28, 2015 1.4K Views

There's a whole lot of healthy goodness out there and we certainly have our favorites, but these are the top recipes on our site, as voted by YOU!


How A Niacin Flush Can Boost Your Detox

by James Colquhoun Apr 17, 2016 2.2K Views

Don't Be Scared of a Niacin Flush!


8 Awesome Reasons To Eat Fermented Foods

by Larina Robinson Oct 12, 2015 3.0K Views

Aside from having a great fizz, or powerful flavor, here are 8 reasons to eat fermented foods!

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