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Green Superfood Smoothie

Jul 07, 2009 2.5K Views

This wonderful tasting Superfood Smoothie is sure to transform your morning; it's a favorite of the team members at Food Matters! Take it first thing in the morning after drinking plenty of water and before any solids. Try this recipe for a week and see your life explode with energy!


Superfood Filled Pears (Recipe)

by The Food Matters Team Aug 10, 2015 387 Views

Running short on time? Need a fast and healthy snack? Pop these 4 ingredients together!


Spiced Superfood Oats (Recipe)

by The Food Matters Team Jun 27, 2015 180 Views

Take your normal porridge to next level with the addition of some spices and Food Matters Superfood Vitamin C.


Superfood Balls (Christmas Recipe)

by Brooke & Sal Dec 23, 2014 725 Views

A nourishing take on the classic truffles that we so often see recipes for at Christmas time. The beauty about this recipe is you can swap for any of your favorite superfood ingredients that you have in the pantry. Dash of rum optional ;-)


Vanilla Superfood Cups (Recipe)

by Rachel Morrow Jun 22, 2015 2.0K Views

It would be a little boring if you only used the Food Matters Superfood Protein in smoothies. It's the tastiest protein we've had in a while, so we're using it in some simple recipes as a hunger-busting ingredient!


No-Bake Superfood Energy Bars

by Rachel Morrow Mar 30, 2016 13K Views

Looking for a wholesome, natural and utterly delicious afternoon pick-me-up? These energy bars are no-fuss to create and are packed full of powerful nutrients to boost your wellbeing!


Superfood Greens & Matcha Bliss Balls

by Rachel Morrow Nov 01, 2018 18K Views

These tiny treats are packed full of nutrients from the superfood greens. They are great to have on hand in the fridge, making the perfect little energy booster!


Superfood Oats & Caramelized Banana (Recipe)

by The Food Matters Team Aug 08, 2015 1.5K Views

The perfect post-workout breakfast that will replenish your body with what it needs while filling you up! Oats topped with caramelized bananas. You've earned it!


Banana and Blackberry Superfood Smoothie Bowl

by Carly Hicks Sep 28, 2015 1.0K Views

Sometimes sitting down with a beautiful smoothie bowl can be the best thing for the soul!


Green Goddess Bowl With Superfood Greens

by Rachel Morrow Nov 10, 2018 5.5K Views

How do we keep our skin glowing and gorgeous? Our favorite way to feed our skin and keep it look fresh is through the food we eat! Our green goddess bowl with Superfood Greens is packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients to get that glow!

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