Quick And Healthy Post-Workout Snacks (Recipes)


Did you know that protein helps you body repair and heal, boosting your immune system and energizing your body?

Your body only absorbs around 20g of protein at any given time. What happens to the rest? Your kidneys flush it out of your system! Our best tip? Choose a blend that has around 10-15 grams per serve, so you can simply adjust how much to have according to your needs.

Here are 6 recipes to help you recover post-workout!

1. Superfood Filled Pears

Running short on time? Need a fast and healthy snack? Pop these 4 ingredients together!

2. Super Berry Smoothie

A simple berry smoothie packed with nourishing ingredients to fuel yourself after a workout or whenever you just need a healthy snack!

3. Post-Workout Green Smoothie

Any post-workout green smoothie should contain a healthy amount of protein, nourishing carbohydrates and liquid to hydrate. This green smoothie recipe should cover it!

4. Superfood Oats & Caramelized Banana

The perfect post-workout breakfast that will replenish your body with what it needs while filling you up! Oats topped with caramelized bananas. You've earned it!

5. Peanut Butter Bites

A little bit naughty. A little bit nice. These peanut butter bites only have a few ingredients and are super easy to whip up and have on hand when you need to satisfy that sweet tooth. Packed with protein to keep you fuller for longer!

6. Vanilla Superfood Cups

Keep these tasty little Vanilla Superfood Cups in the freezer for those moments when you need to fix a craving, they make the perfect post-workout energy booster too!

What's Your Go-To Post-Workout Snacks?

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