10 Natural Immunity Essentials

by Elissa Goodman Nov 22, 2018 20K Views

Seasonal changes, aging, and stresses of the holidays can suppress your immune system and leave you depleted. Here’s how you can boost your immunity using natural supplements, foods, and lifestyle changes.


Immunity-Boosting Strawberry Smoothie

by Yoko Inoue Feb 10, 2020 6.4K Views

Bulk out your next blissful smoothie with healing herbs and satiating superfoods. Created with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles in mind, this quick and easy recipe is bursting with those essential vitamins and minerals.


The Vitamin C Immunity Booster

by Candice Kumai May 25, 2018 2.3K Views

With refreshing citrus and special immunity-boosting ingredients like bee pollen and probiotics, this smoothie packs a magically blended sunrise for your day. And while you’re at it, toss in some spinach and kale – why not give yourself a little extra pep in your step today?!


Your Immunity Depends on These 5 Nutrients

by Tess Patrick Oct 16, 2021 3.3K Views

Immunity has been a hot topic of late, and that’s a really, really good thing. Here’s what you need to know about boosting your immune system with nutrients.


How to Boost Your Immunity During Coronavirus Outbreak

by James Colquhoun Mar 13, 2020 60K Views

What we can’t quite understand is why everyone is bulk-buying toilet paper, to the point of chaos in supermarkets, but not stocking up on Vitamin C. So here are 11 ways to boost your immunity during the coronavirus outbreak.


How to Support Immunity Holistically with Foods and Herbs

by Kate Dalton Jun 26, 2020 1.1K Views

This year has been a lesson in just how much we need to be supporting our immunity. Without a healthy, vibrant immune system, we’re susceptible to all manners of illness...


How to Make Fire Cider: The Ultimate Immunity Tonic

by The Chalkboard Mag Nov 18, 2019 1.7K Views

When it comes to boosting immunity, fire cider is as powerful as it sounds. The spicy, herbal concoction features a blend of potent plant-based ingredients: traditionally, this includes turmeric, ginger, garlic, herbs and plenty of ACV. The cider steeps for a few weeks and then will become your go-to for kicking cold bigs and staying vibrantly healthy all season.


Are You Doing These 6 Things to Support Your Immunity?

by James Colquhoun Mar 03, 2021 2.0K Views

Over the last year, we've discovered just how important a thriving immune system is for our collective wellbeing. But what should you be doing to support your immunity? We've asked some experts to share their secrets.


Turn Ordinary Vegetables Into Immunity Boosters With This Simple Trick!

Jun 03, 2013 2.4K Views

One of the best ways to protect your health is by keeping your gut flora healthy with naturally fermented foods. Instead of waiting for signs and symptoms of a problem, perform some regular gut maintenance and learn how to make your own naturally fermented vegetables at home with just a few simple tools.


Vitamin C for Immunity & Disease Prevention with Dr. Andrew Saul

by James Colquhoun Nov 29, 2021 3.3K Views

Vitamin C has been known to treat over 30 major diseases for over 70 years. So why haven't you heard more about it? Especially with the current state of the world. In today’s eye-opening episode with Dr. Andrew Saul, we’re going back to learn all about the history of orthomolecular medicine. He discusses Vitamin C therapy for disease treatment and how to build a robust immune system, plus how to best prevent sickness.

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