Your Guide To Organic Gardening

by The Food Matters Team May 27, 2018 1.3K Views

From the Earth to our plate ensures that the highest concentration of living nutrients are being delivered into our body for optimal health, well being, and longevity. Learn the secrets to growing a thriving organic garden at home.


Our Favorite Online Organic Foods

by James Colquhoun Jun 21, 2018 7.1K Views

Do you ever find that shopping simple and healthy can get quite expensive? The health-food shops can be pricey but the tradeoff is that quality is assured. Thanks to the explosion in demand for organic and natural products, some great discount websites have started to pop up with pantry staples at discount prices.


The Organic Effect: A Short Documentary

Jun 07, 2015 4.8K Views

We often get asked, 'Is eating organic food really important?'. In short, yes! Here's a super short film to show you why!


Even the President is going Organic!

Apr 22, 2009 22 Views

Michelle Obama will begin digging up a patch of the South Lawn on Friday to plant a vegetable garden, the first at the White House since Eleanor Roosevelt s victory garden in World War II...


To Buy or Not to Buy Organic

by Laurentine ten Bosch Jan 04, 2012 582 Views

Michael Pollan, author, activist and professor at the University of California-Berkeley offers common sense answers to some frequently asked questions about local foods, organics, labelling and ethics.


Is It Still Important to Choose Organic?

by Laurentine ten Bosch Oct 16, 2019 1.3K Views

World Food Day is a day to create awareness across the globe around healthy food sources, world hunger, and how to make better food choices. To honor the day, we're taking a look at why choosing organic is so important.


Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto Over GMO Seed

Apr 08, 2011 121 Views

A group of organic farmers and seed dealers is preemptively suing agribusiness giant Monsanto to protect themselves from legal action by the corporation in cases when Monsanto seeds contaminate their organic crops.


Your Easy Guide To Buying Organic Produce

by James Colquhoun Oct 15, 2014 3.7K Views

With the risks of pesticide exposure in consuming conventional produce at an all-time high, I reveal how to eat clean without breaking the bank.


How To Eat Organic On A Budget

Apr 22, 2009 223 Views

Most people are aware of the benefits of eating organic foods. They have been proven to contain a higher percentage of nutrients, have no pesticide residue, generally taste better and have positive benefits on the environment and the people who farm them...


The Real Evidence That Organic Is Best!

by James Colquhoun Jun 24, 2015 608 Views

Rodale Institute has collected long-term data over 30 years, comparing the effects of organic and agricultural systems through the Farming Systems Trial®, concluding that organic farming is superior to conventional farming according to several criteria!

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