‘Tacoless' Tacos With Sweet Potato Mince & Superfood Salsa

by Rachel Morrow Jun 17, 2017 9.8K Views

Our 'Tacoless' Taco may be short of a taco but it still packs a punch with fresh, zesty Mexican flavors that we can't get enough of!


Vegetarian Tacos Packed with Plant-Based Nutrition

by Rachel Morrow Jul 12, 2021 21K Views

We've put together a shortlist of 5 of our favorite plant-based taco recipes. Totally tasty, creative and nutrient-packed to satisfy all of your taco cravings.


The Top 10 Food Trends For 2018: Predicted By Whole Foods

by Laurentine ten Bosch Nov 07, 2017 2.8K Views

Foodies prepare yourself: 2018 is going to see some of your already favorite foods taken to a whole new level. Whole Foods trend forecast for 2018 is featuring everything from adaptogenic mushrooms to tacoless tacos.


Why You Should Be Eating Cactus, Superfood of the Desert

by Tess Patrick Sep 15, 2021 664 Views

In honor of this incredible plant, we’re diving deeper. Here’s why you should be eating cactus, the superfood of the desert.


Alkaline Tacos

by Bamik Hambaz Nov 15, 2015 3.5K Views

This taco “meat” comes pretty close to the real thing, but it’s packed with live enzymes and alkalizing boosters!


8 Healthy Fast Food Swaps To Try In New York City!

Aug 28, 2016 4.7K Views

Whether you're travelling to New York City or a long-time local, we're sharing 8 healthier fast food swaps to keep all the convenience, without compromising your health goals.


12 Of Your Favorite Fast Foods and Unhealthy Treats Made Healthy!

by James Colquhoun Jul 30, 2015 6.7K Views

Struggling to find healthy fast food swaps? Try these delicious options! We guarantee you will love them just as much as the originals!


Recipes For A Healthy Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

by Rachel Morrow May 04, 2016 1.4K Views

Invite your friends and celebrate the healthy way with our recipe round-up of Mexican-inspired Cinco de Mayo Fiesta food.


Fish Tacos With Cabbage Slaw And Gluten-Free Tortillas

by Rachel Morrow Sep 29, 2015 2.8K Views

These fish tacos are deliciously good and surprisingly easy to make. Not a fish fan? Simply substitute with your favorite fillings. The grain-free taco goes with anything!


Lentil Tacos With Creamy Lime Dressing

by Rachel Morrow Apr 11, 2018 7.2K Views

If you were to ask me, "which food could you eat for the rest of your life, and you can only choose one?" it would be TACOS! Love them in every variety, especially these lentil tacos with zesty cabbage slaw & creamy lime dressing!

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