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Healthy Breakfast Recipes for Busy Mornings

by Rachel Morrow Jul 31, 2019 6.5K Views

There are some weeks where mornings are a struggle (we admit it) where creating balancing and gourmet breakfast just isn’t on the cards. But that doesn't mean you should settle for quick replacement or skip breakfast altogether, finding yourself feel very sluggish and sad an hour later.


DIY Edible Gift Solutions For Healthy Foodies

by Rachel Morrow Dec 15, 2015 428 Views

It's a great time of the year to become more mindful and give a gift made with love. We've got some simple, but beautiful gifts for you to make for someone special!


DIY Herbal Bath Salts for Muscle Relaxation

by The Food Matters Team Jul 23, 2018 3.3K Views

Sometimes your body is just screaming for some TLC! This simple DIY sore muscle bath soak will be your saving grace to ease the pain and get in some much-needed downtime.


3 Immune-Supporting Recipes for Cosy Nights

by Rachel Morrow Jan 07, 2021 1.8K Views

It’s the time of year where our bodies are getting a little run down and most of us would love to reach for a bowl of comfortable soup. While all the constant chatter of eating foods that protect our immune system sits at the forefront of current nutrition conversations, it never hurts to add a few more supportive recipes to the list. So whether you’re dealing with a cold, a slump, or looking for a preventative approach, whip up these 3 immune-supporting recipes next time you’re in the kitchen.


Ice Cream For Breakfast (Healthy of Course)

by Chef Cynthia Louise Oct 03, 2017 1.2K Views

The breakfast of champions - with ice cream! It's a really easy breakfast to make and will sustain you all day long.


9 Mocktail Recipes for The Holiday Season

by Rachel Morrow Dec 10, 2018 3.8K Views

Celebrate the holidays with 9 of our favorite mocktail recipes featuring a Food Matters twist with some of our favorite medicinal ingredients.


5 Delicious Breakfast Recipes For Mother's Day

by Rachel Morrow May 11, 2017 4.2K Views

Treat your Mom by making up one of these easy breakfast recipes! Enjoy these mouth-watering breakfast recipes - just in time for Mother's Day!


Fun & Easy Sugar-Free Recipes For Kids

by Sarah Wilson Nov 26, 2014 4.9K Views

Keep your kids healthy and happy with these creative recipes that are so good, they won’t know it’s good for them!


Food For Thought

Apr 22, 2009 70 Views

If you are getting forgetful as you get older, then a research team from the University of Reading and the Peninsula Medical School in the South West of England may have good news for you...


Sick For Profits

Sep 15, 2009 16 Views

Take a look this short video exposing one of America's largest Health Insurance Companies 'CIGNA' denying coverage to chronically ill patients.

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