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How To Make The Perfect Green Smoothie

by James Colquhoun Jan 28, 2015 8.4K Views

We promise this isn't just some trendy fad. Try adding in a green smoothie every day for a week and feel your life explode! They don't have to be complicated either, follow this simple formula, open your mind and soon you will be a green smoothie junkie too!


Your How To Guide: Making The Perfect Green Smoothie (Video)

by McKel Hill Jan 17, 2015 1.0K Views

Made with all raw fruits, vegetables, and spices to help keep you healthy and energized from the inside out.


6 Foods You Should Add To Your Smoothie (That Aren't Green!)

by Cyndi O'Meara Mar 13, 2016 8.5K Views

Smoothies don't always have to be green to be nutrient dense. The sky is the limit when it comes to smoothies! Here are 6 nutrient dense ingredients we love adding to our non-green smoothies.


Tropical Green Smoothie

by Rachel Morrow Aug 14, 2016 9.2K Views

The green smoothie that will take your tastebuds on a tropical escape!


Green Superfood Smoothie

Jul 07, 2009 2.5K Views

This wonderful tasting Superfood Smoothie is sure to transform your morning; it's a favorite of the team members at Food Matters! Take it first thing in the morning after drinking plenty of water and before any solids. Try this recipe for a week and see your life explode with energy!


Green Pineapple Smoothie

by James Colquhoun Dec 20, 2018 2.3K Views

Get your skin glowing with this tropical green smoothie packed with healthy fats and alkalizing greens!


Green Power Smoothie

by Sergei Boutenko Oct 15, 2015 1.1K Views

This recipe is straight from the Film 'Powered By Green Smoothies' Have you seen this film yet? Can green smoothies positively affect athletes?


Peachy Green Smoothie

by The Food Matters Team Oct 29, 2015 283 Views

This recipe was inspired by my favorite summer fruit stand—the peaches are out-of-control delicious and juicy. I buy one for my bike ride home and the rest for smoothies!


Super Simple Green Smoothie

by The Food Matters Team Jun 26, 2015 10K Views

Boost your intake of greens with this super simple smoothie recipe. A definite go-to for the whole Food Matters Team!


Super Simple Green Smoothie

by James Colquhoun Aug 23, 2016 7.9K Views

Cleanse, alkalize and nourish your cells with this creamy, chlorophyll-rich smoothie!

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