Candy Corn Smoothie

by Rachel Morrow Oct 27, 2015 3.2K Views

Candy Corn will be scattered everywhere over Halloween! Why not skip the hit of artificial sugar and create these beautiful smoothies, inspired by Candy Corn, for a healthy Halloween breakfast. The kids will love them, too!


7 Day Smoothie Challenge

by Ivette Rieksts Jul 29, 2016 6.2K Views

Are you ready to blast your way to health?


Turbo Charge Smoothie Recipe

Sep 15, 2009 1.9K Views

After a recent trip to Dubai the team at Food Matters have a new favorite Superfood Smoothie. We've been having one each morning for the last 5 days and feel amazing, try it for yourself!


How To Make The Perfect Green Smoothie

by James Colquhoun Jan 28, 2015 9.2K Views

We promise this isn't just some trendy fad. Try adding in a green smoothie every day for a week and feel your life explode! They don't have to be complicated either, follow this simple formula, open your mind and soon you will be a green smoothie junkie too!


The 90-Day Smoothie Project (First 15 Mins)

by The Food Matters Team Jul 28, 2018 724 Views

Over the course of 90 days, students are provided with fresh produce, nuts, and seeds to make their personalized smoothies. Through this hands-on experience, students are given a chance to change their health and reprogram their taste buds, a task which is not always easy. Watch the first 15 minutes here!


Boost Your Immune System With These Smoothie Ingredients

by Rachel Morrow Feb 12, 2019 2.7K Views

We are all about optimizing our diet to get the most of out of our meals! So when we’re feeling a little under the weather, we like to boost our smoothies with added protection.


3 Smoothie Mistakes You Don’t Want To Be Making

by Maya Novak Sep 18, 2016 22K Views

Are smoothies not quite hitting the spot for you? Maybe you’re making one of these common smoothie mistakes. Maya Novak shares her tips for enjoying the perfect smoothie.


Your How To Guide: Making The Perfect Green Smoothie (Video)

by McKel Hill Jan 17, 2015 1.1K Views

Made with all raw fruits, vegetables, and spices to help keep you healthy and energized from the inside out.


6 Simple Ways to Add More Protein into Your Smoothie!

by Rachel Morrow Oct 14, 2019 7.0K Views

One of the key ingredients to include to ensure your smoothie will keep you feeling satisfied for longer is protein. we’ve put together a list of some simple protein sources that will also give you a bonus boost of fiber and fats - That’s what we call a smoothie triple treat!


6 Foods You Should Add To Your Smoothie (That Aren't Green!)

by Cyndi O'Meara Mar 13, 2016 8.8K Views

Smoothies don't always have to be green to be nutrient dense. The sky is the limit when it comes to smoothies! Here are 6 nutrient dense ingredients we love adding to our non-green smoothies.

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