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Food Matters Now Available In Whole Foods

by James Colquhoun Jan 03, 2011 38 Views

Looking to pick up a copy of 'Food Matters' but don't want to buy online? Wishing to grab a quick gift for that special someone who is looking to make big changes to their health this year? Now you can pick up a copy of 'Food Matters' in Whole Foods (and here's the inside story of how we got it in store)


Weekly Wrap Up! Top 5 Posts Of The Week!

by Honey Colony Apr 23, 2016 52 Views

Wrapping up the next with some of our best posts, as decided by you!


Top 5 Posts Of The Week

by The Food Matters Team Apr 30, 2016 144 Views

Wrapping up the next with some of our best posts, as decided by you!


The Most Popular Recipes Of 2015 (Voted By You!)

by Rachel Morrow Dec 28, 2015 1.4K Views

There's a whole lot of healthy goodness out there and we certainly have our favorites, but these are the top recipes on our site, as voted by YOU!


Simple Clean Snacks! 3 Ways to Make Stuffed Dates

by Rachel Morrow Nov 26, 2018 1.7K Views

Sometimes the simplest snacks are the most satisfying. There is nothing complicated about one of our favorite snacks; stuffed dates. Here we are sharing three easy ideas that will help you make stuffed dates at home right away!


10 Quick and Easy Snacks to Grab and Go!

by James Colquhoun Aug 12, 2015 3.9K Views

Make these 10 healthy snacks in less than 10 minutes!


Delicious and Healthy Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Oct 11, 2010 753 Views

Looking for a guilt-free healthy dessert option? Impress your family and friends by treating them to this homemade delicious chocolate mousse.


The Best Diet For Inflammation

by Tess Patrick Jan 04, 2022 1.1K Views

How do you go about remedying any underlying inflammation? Good quality, anti-inflammatory foods of course. In the past, we’ve covered some of our favorite individual foods, but if you’re looking to go even deeper into your diet, there is one that is favored by medical professionals and holistic practitioners alike, for its proven results in reducing inflammation.


12 Gifts That Really Matter

by James Colquhoun Dec 09, 2019 9.1K Views

We want to invoke the generous Christmas spirit without breaking the budget and feel the benefits of giving back from even the most simple things.


Chocolate CAN Be Good For You, At The Right Dose!

Aug 29, 2012 32K Views

There's always been a lot of confusion about chocolate - what type to eat, how much, types to avoid, etc. There are a lot of health benefits associated with the cacao bean. Find out what Dr. Mercola has to say about chocolate.

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