Earth Day: Learn To Live An Eco Friendly Life


Earth Day should be every day, but if you need some reminders for just how great this Earth is and what you could be doing daily to give back, we've compiled some of our favorites ways to live a more eco-friendly life! 

From cutting down your food waste to reducing the use of plastic, changing your beauty products, detoxing your home or even just getting some inspiration from an inspiring documentary, we've got it all covered!  

Here are 24 of our favorite articles to help you live a more eco-friendly life:  

1. Is Organic Gardening The New Way To Save The Planet? 

2. Could Changing Your Diet Save The Planet? 

3. Plants To Make Your Home Healthier & Happier 

4. What Nature Does To Your Body

5. Celebrate The Earth With These Ten Films

6. Are You Still Using Plastic Bags? 

7. Healthier Alternatives To Plastic Containers 

8. 10 Organic Brands To Detoxify Your Beauty Routine 

9. Plant-Based Beauty Boosters

10. Join The Food Waste Revolution

11. 8 Natural Beauty Swaps When You're Going Green 

12. A Short Documentary To Change The Way You View Waste

13. 6 Recipe Ideas To Use Up Old Veggies

14. Maximize The Nutrient Content Of Your Food!

15. 10 Of The Best Eco-Friendly Yoga Essentials 

16. Clean Your Home With Probiotics

17. How To Avoid Toxic Cleaning Chemicals!

18. DIY All Purpose Antibacterial Cleaner (Recipe)

19. The Cleanest Water On Earth? Hint: It's Not Rainwater!

20. 6 Steps For Clean, Healthy Air In Your Home

21. To Buy or Not to Buy Organic

22. 4 Reasons To Love Dirt! 

23. 37 Smart Uses Of Salt For Non-Toxic Cleaning Purposes

24. 5 Films That Will Make You Care About The Earth 

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